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She can breastfeed her child and serve the general public

She can run for office, but she can’t breastfeed her child in public without sexualization and aggressive backlash. It’s not a new argument or idea that the stigma behind women breastfeeding in public needs to change. If women are expected

Rowers find success at regatta

The Lumberjacks rowing teams had a successful day at the Blue Heron Redwood Sprints Regatta in Eureka on March 24, despite rainy conditions. The regatta was hosted at Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center. It was one of the biggest in decades,

“The Tenth Muse” moves audience to tears

Now playing at the North Coast Repertory Theatre, “The Tenth Muse” deals with issues of women’s rights, religion, racism, caste systems and the destruction of art. “This is a very different type of show,” actor Heather Roche-Waldo said. “It really

“Loaded” is packed with a kick

Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz breaks down the Second Amendment and white supremacy in her new book “Loaded: A Disarming History of the Second Amendment.” Dunbar-Ortiz spoke at Humboldt State’s Van Duzer Theatre on March 20 about her recent book “Loaded,” which explores

Redefine the codes

Changing the unspoken rules of human decency. Today’s political and social climate is bringing exposure and discussion to the way that men treat women and even the way that they treat each other. A small and possibly forgotten aspect of

Lumberjack editors meet with Rossbacher, part I

The Lumberjack editors met with the president of Humboldt State University, Lisa Rossbacher, on March 23. The Q&A was largely centered around budget cuts and social issues that impact the local community, especially HSU students. This is one of two

Community for women in math and sciences

Paola Rodriguez Hidalgo is a faculty member in the department of physics and astronomy at Humboldt State. She is also the advisor for the Society of Women in Math and Sciences, or SWiMS. “Sometimes I feel that people don’t see

Sarah Ray keeps emotions and knowledge together in her teachings

Sarah Ray inspires students and faculty at Humboldt State. During her lecture, “Coming of Age at the End of the World: Eco-Grief, College Students, and Teaching Climate Change,” she inspires community members as well. Sarah Ray, environmental studies professor at

Upset students storm WSCUC open forum

Cold and wet students gathered in the lobby of the Native American Forum at Humboldt State on March 21 for the WSCUC student open forum. The WSCUC, or Western Association of Schools and Colleges Senior College & University Commission, is

Community doubles down on McKinley statue

Community straightens out Arcata City Council on removing McKinley statue. The Arcata City Council held a meeting at the Arcata Community Center on March 21 concerning the McKinley statue on the Arcata Plaza. Over 200 community members attended. The Arcata

CNRS students want answers

Humboldt State students from College of Natural Resources and Sciences, or CNRS, gathered for a talk on Thursday, March 8 to address the CNRS budget crisis. The talk was facilitated by Stephany Salgado, a biology major. Both the interim dean,

This week in sports history

March 22, 1988 – Houston Texans All-Pro defensive end J.J Watt is born in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Watt became famous across the nation in 2017 during the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey when he began his Houston Flood Relief Fund and raised

“Thoroughbreds” is a richly dark comedy

People are terrible and horses will take over the world. “Thoroughbreds” is the debut film of writer and director Cory Finley. It is about two rich girls plotting their stepfather’s murder, but there’s more to it. It’s less a murder