Illustration. | Joe DeVoogd
Illustration. | Joe DeVoogd

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By: Iridian Casarez

Local News 

Coastal National Monuments in Humboldt 

Obama expanded the California Coastal National Monuments in Humboldt county. Trinidad Head, Walumph Lighthouse Ranch and the Lost Coast Headlands were officially designated as California Coastal National  Monuments. 

Women will march in Eureka

In solidarity with the Women’s March in Washington D.C. women, children and men will march in Eureka on Saturday Jan. 21 at 1 p.m. with a rally at C street Market Square. 


From parched to plenty

Despite heavy rains California will continue to conserve water. 

California is going to keep its modest water conservation rules for now through May. 

Rallies around the country for the ACA

Thousands of nurses, doctors, and patients who benefited from President Obama’s healthcare law rallied on Sunday throughout California to denounce the Republican effort to overturn it. Rallies in San Francisco and Los Angeles were part of dozens nationwide taking place in support of the Affordable Care Act. 


Chelsea Manning to be released

President Obama commuted the remaining prison sentence of Chelsea Manning. Manning was the army intelligence analyst convicted of a 2010 leak that revealed American military and diplomatic activities across the world.

Orlando suspect caught

The Orlando Police captured suspected killer Markeith Loyd after a week long manhunt. Loyd was accused of killing his pregnant girlfriend and sergeant Debra Clayton. 


Nigerian Air Force bombs wrong target

The Nigerian Air Force mistook a  town full of people with Boko Haram fighters. The air force bombed a town killing more than 50 who fled Islamist militants. 

Shooting in Mexico

A shooting at a BMP music festival killed three foreigners and two Mexicans in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Mexico’s Zetas cartel has reportedly claimed responsibility.

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