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Grow marijuana from the comfort of your home with the Green Box

By Andre Hascall

There is a way to grow marijuana easily while keeping costs relatively low. Greenbox Grow is a company that sells the necessary tools for marijuana cultivation for the average consumer. Dylan Osborn, a graduate in business administration at the University of Southern California, is the founder of GreenBox Grow. He currently lives and grows in Monterey, CA.  “Our mission is to teach people how to easily grow medical cannabis at home,” Osborn said. “It’s easy enough for beginners and takes less than ten minutes per day.”

Dylan Osborn with the Green Box Grow | Green Box Grow

Initially, Osborn grew marijuana for his own personal use. Osborn as well as his father have both suffered from sports related injuries, and Osborn turned to medical marijuana to ease the pain.

“I found an opportunity to help people who use marijuana for its medical benefits.” Osborn said, “Once I got into it, I saw all these things about it [growing] being difficult, but my first grow was close to dispensary quality.”

You can find tutorials on their website,, to help with the growing process along with the products you’ll need to get started. Osborn also works with clients at their homes helping set up their grow, as well as walking them through the different steps of growing quality cannabis. Once the greenhouse is set up, more steps follow such as getting the proper air circulation, how to properly pH your water, the correct amount of water to use, wiring your greenhouse, as well as how to grow while gone on vacation or during winter.

GreenBox Grow is currently sold through Amazon. Though Osborn would like to have a store for GreenBox Grow in the future.

Dylan Osborn and his greenhouse | Green Box Grow

Using GreenBox is as simple as setting up your greenhouse, watching weekly tutorials and growing your marijuana. There are two different types of growing tents and various sizes for both. Greenhouses are for outdoor grow and for indoor you’d need a hydroponic grow tent. Of course the indoor option will cost more money for both equipment and your monthly electricity bill.

Osborn favors outdoor growing as it is more environmentally friendly, and provides the grow with fresh air and natural sunlight. “Depending on the size of a greenhouse the costs could be as low a $30 a month, but indoor would be $100 a month at least,” Osborn said. “The bigger size of grow can bring the cost to hundreds even thousands more than outdoor because of electricity.”

Marijuana plants growing in the greenhouse | Green Box Grow

An average greenhouse grow of two plants will put you at a start-up cost of $450, adding around $30 extra on the electric bill for the month. The average time from start to harvest is nine weeks to four months. By harvest you would have a pound of marijuana from the two plants.

With marijuana being legalized in California, it’s looking like it is easier now than ever to grow marijuana at home.

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