How to stay dry in Humboldt


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The spring semester means rain season and it is likely to stay that way the whole semester. Here are some tips from my local prespective to stay dry in Humboldt.

  1. Get proper rain gear. It’s not fun walking from class to class sopping wet. There are many local stores that carry rain coats and shoes. Even the hardware store has cheap boots. Umbrellas are useful against horizontal rain, but don’t spend too much money on one if you’re prone to losing them.
  2. Keep extra socks in your backpack. Trust me, I regretted not doing this on my way to work when street puddles grew to ponds.
  3. Waterproof. If you don’t have the time or money for new shoes, you can buy a waterproofing spray at shoe stores to spray your old shoes and backpack.
  4. DampRid. Everything gets wet, even when it’s not raining. To prevent mold from growing in your residence, buy DampRid bins to absorb moisture. Put them in the closet, under the bed or in the bathroom. This can be purchased at the hardware store, Bed Bath & Beyond or online.
  5. Plan walkways creatively. It is possible to walk to classes without getting wet. Many buildings have awnings and some trails have trees with enough coverage from the rain. With creative planning, you can walk through buildings and the right pathways to get across campus without getting drenched.
  6. Don’t let the rain trap you inside. The benefit of rain, other than to water plant life, is an excuse to stay inside and lay under 20 blankets to stream the new season of The Magicians on Netflix like me. The outside world doesn’t cease to be as beautiful when it’s cold and wet out. Parks and trails are actually just as fun during the winter as they are in the summer. Rivers flow more and nature looks a little greener. So put on waterproof clothes you don’t mind getting muddy and go outside.


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