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Future housing developments for students in Arcata

Construction site of the Sunset Terrace Apartments on Foster Ave. in Arcata. Photo by Surya Gopalan.

As the busy students of Humboldt State University get back into the swing of things, some students are in the unfortunate situation of being homeless.

While many think no actions have been taken, it is easy to notice the many construction projects that have popped up around town.

The one closest to campus is located on Foster Avenue. These buildings are beginning to catch attention.

According to Alyson Hunter, City of Arcata’s senior planner, this construction is part of a project known as the Sunset Terrace Apartments.

“The city had known the developer’s plans for the site long before construction started,” Hunter said.

Construction began in 2014 in several phases. The property developer, Kramer Investment Corp., posts pictures of the construction process on their website.

It is going to be a 142-unit apartment complex consisting of solely one bedroom and one bathroom units.

While Alex Hunt of Kramer Investment Corp. was unable to release more information, he said that the first phase was nearing completion.

“We’ll have to coordinate with PG&E to finish the first phase,” Hunt said.

At this point, rent prices are unknown, but residents of other properties managed by Kramer Investment Corp. say similar units go for around $700 per month.

Recent HSU graduate Nathaniel Matteson had been homeless for three months last semester.

“I was looking really hard and I could not find anything,” Matteson said. “It would have been really nice to have something like this as an option.”

Future students of HSU may not have to worry about housing as much as students are today, as this project is not the only one in the area. On Feb. 13, a city council meeting will be held to discuss further steps on what is known as The Village Student Housing Project.

According to City of Arcata’s website, it is proposed to house 800 beds specifically for students. It will be a multi-story complex at the end of I Street and St. Louis Road, which is across the freeway from campus.

These projects could make housing a smaller problem than it is among the students at HSU. As for now, the eventual completion and opening of the Sunset Terrace Apartments will decide whether homeless students will have some relief of trying to find a place to live.