From left to right: commissioners Daniel Tangey, Melanie McCavour, Judith Mayer, Kristen Orth and John Barstow at Arcata City Hall on Feb. 13. Photo by Surya Gopalan.

City of Arcata plans for future student housing projects


City of Arcata’s planning commission met on Feb.13 to discuss construction projects that are in progress around town. Details of a future project located at the end of St. Louis Road and Eye Street, known as The Village Student Housing Project, were also discussed.

“We know that there is a need for student housing,” City of Arcata’s director of community development David Loya said.

Patrick Shanahan of Humphreys & Partners Architects reviewed the projected plan for the site, as this was the seventh continuation of these hearings.

The plan is said to be four buildings of around 210 units each. They will be a suite of four single units with a common kitchen.

The commission agreed on Feb. 13 that two of the buildings would be four stories tall and the other two would be three stories tall. The project is designed specifically for students so it will include study rooms and recreation areas.

“We want the recreation areas to be a highlight of this project,” Shanahan said.

The commission has recognized the eco-friendly interests of many Humboldt State students and has made sure solar panels, as well as other options to use sustainable energy to power these buildings, are available.

“I would like to see more edible plants on the plan,” Melanie McCavous, commissioner for the City of Arcata, said. “I know there is a strong desire from students to find sustainable food.”

While the public hearing was once again continued to another date, the commission is confident they will be able to make a recommendation to the city council after the next hearing.

“We are going to need more information from the developer before we can really agree on a decision,” chairperson of the planning commission Judith Mayer said.

While construction is still waiting for approval to begin, it is looking bright for future HSU students to have more possibilities for housing.


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