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Editorial: Thank u, next

Who will be next HSU president?

Who will be the next HSU president?

When President Lisa Rossbacher announced in October that this spring will be her last year serving as president of HSU many wondered who will be the one to take her place.

We’re already reaching our end of the school semester and there is still no word as to who will serve as HSU’s president. The last we’ve heard of the search publicly was back in February when there was an open forum for the search for the next HSU president, but there was still no announcement on who’s next.

However, what’s more convenient is that the announcement of HSU’s next president will be after spring graduation. You know, when most students will not be in campus until their summer or fall semester starts. It’s convenient since there won’t be many students at that point voicing their opinions of the new president.

President Rossbacher has been a controversial president, with the cutting of the football program, the administration’s lack of acknowledgment when it comes to racism around the community and the closing of the third street art gallery and KHSU’s shut down just to name a few things that don’t paint a positive picture for Rossbacher’s image. Many students, community members and faculty have spoken out against President Rossbacher’s actions and lack of taking action.

While we’re happy to finally see an end to Rossbacher’s leadership there needs to be more transparency as to who will take on her role next. We don’t know if the next president will improve upon HSU’s issues and demands, resume the same leadership tactics as Rossbacher or be an even worse president than Rossbacher.

With that in mind we should know who HSU’s next president is going to be at this point in our semester. We should know if our next president will stand with their students, faculty and community.

We don’t want a president who will just stay quiet from the students’ and the community’s demands while cutting programs that meant a lot to the community and former alumni. Thank you Rossbacher for not completely burning HSU down to a crisp but, who’s next?

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