Ross MacKinney. | Photo by Delaney Duarte

Teach But Make It Fashion

HSU professors and lecturers stunt in their favorite fits.

Humboldt State professors and lecturers stunt their favorite fits

We’ve talked to students on campus about their fashion statements. But what about teachers?

Opinions Editor Delaney Duarte asked some professors and lecturers on campus to show us their favorite looks, tell us their hobbies and give some insight into their dream jobs.

Jessica Rismiller

Psychology Lecturer

Originally from: Cincinnati, Ohio

Clothes: Sweater is from Tj Maxx, skirt is from Hot Knots in Arcata, Scarf is from North Coast Co-op and boots are from Nordstrom Rack.

If Rismiller wasn’t teaching, she would work in the field of applied behavioral analysis providing behavioral intervention services for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families/supporters.

Hobbies: Running, hanging out with her dog, meditation, ceramics, hiking/camping and traveling.

Jessica Rismiller. | Photo by Delaney Duarte

Marlon Sherman

Native American Studies Professor and Department Chair

Originally from: Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota

Clothes: Shoes were purchased at a shoe store in Eureka, shirt from a store in Santa Cruz, pants from San Francisco and undershirt from a store in Boulder, Colorado.

If Sherman wasn’t teaching he would pick up the guitar again or find a boy band to sing in.

Hobbies: Sleeping on the couch, writing a chapter in a book he is working on.

Marlon Sherman. | Photo by Delaney Duarte

Nikola Hobbel

English Education and Poststructural Analyses

Originally from: Westberlin, Germany

Clothes: Purchased dress in London on a summer vacation, shoes bought online from Ninewest, ring is from Sol to Sol in Arcata, earrings are by Gilbert Castro from Arcata Artisans.

If Hobbel wasn’t teaching she would be a librarian or work in a kitchen because she likes to cook.

Hobbies: Hiking, going to the beach and hunting for agates.

Nikola Hobbel. | Photo by Delaney Duarte

William Gannett

Physics Lecturer

Originally from: Portland, Oregon

Clothes: Flannel is from Lands End, jeans are Levi’s, shoes were purchased at Nordstrom Rack and he bought his watch online.

If Gannet wasn’t teaching he would be doing physics research or try and be a National Geographic photographer.

Hobbies: Wildlife photography, and hiking with his wife and son.

William Gannet. | Photo by Delaney Duarte

Michelle Cartier

Film Professor

Originally from: Burbank, California

Clothes: Pants and shoes are from Zappos, shirt from men’s section of H&M, belt was a gift and hat is from AMPT Skate Shop.

If Cartier wasn’t teaching she would be a poet or filmmaker.

Hobbies: Traveling, eating, writing and being on the local roller derby team.

Michelle Cartier. | Photo by Delaney Duarte

Ryder Dschdia

History Lecturer

Originally from: Santa Cruz, California

Clothes: Shoes are from Plaza Shoe Shop in Arcata, shirt is from JackThreads, pants are from Kohl’s, tie was a gift from his sister and coat was a gift from his brother.

If Dschdia wasn’t teaching he would be working in the food industry or become a professional photographer or reporter.

Hobbies: Rock climbing, disc golfing, cycling and hiking. Dschdia also likes playing Dungeons and Dragons on his switch, PC and console.

Ryder Dschdia. | Photo by Delaney Duarte

Ross MacKinney

Communications Lecturer

Originally from: Washington D.C.

Clothes: Tie and suspenders found while thrift shopping, pants are from Costco, shoes are from Abraxas Shoes and Leather in Eureka and his shirt was a gift from his son.

If MacKinney wasn’t teaching he would be a professional storyteller.

Hobbies: Juggling and walking in the woods.

Ross MacKinney. | Photo by Delaney Duarte

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