Ask Evergreen: Cautious Collegian

Remember you're not alone, and that we're all kind of misguided.

Ask Evergreen is a weekly advice column by the students of the Lumberjack.

Each week we answer anonymous questions sent in by readers about anything and everything.

Dear Evergreen,

I’m about to graduate and I’m feeling lost. I love this area, but the job market is garbage. I feel if I stay up here I’ll be stagnant. Should I err on the side of caution or dream big?

Dear Cautious Collegian,

Congratulations on nearly completing your college career! With one hurdle out of the way you now have the task of facing the world head on, whether you like it or not. It’s normal to feel the pit of existential dread sink into you around this time in your young adult life. Remember you’re not alone, and we’re all kind of misguided.

You’re a step ahead of the rest by having this contemplation. It’s good to realize your options to sort out which path choice will bring you the most. Consider the monetary gain as well as the emotional gain you may receive from either decision. Remember, money isn’t happiness, but it does solve a lot of problems.

If you stay in the area you will definitely save yourself money on the cost of living. This area is also quite beneficial to some in terms of emotional wellbeing because of the vibrant environment we have here. If that’s the case for you, you should add another tick to the Humboldt side.

While staying in the Humboldt area could save you money, the job market is fairly bleak compared to the income you might get from a job in any city south of Mendocino County.

It doesn’t hurt to apply to jobs all over. Definitely go big with what you want to do. A high-paying position in a field that you genuinely enjoy isn’t something to pass up on, but these dream positions aren’t always plentiful, especially if you’re applying in competitive areas.

The Humboldt area isn’t all too competitive, depending on the career you’re pursuing. With that in mind, consider how you can upsell yourself in this area compared to another place. Your skills are more likely to standout in an area like this which can make it easier for you to fight for a higher wage, if a potential employer can afford it.

Whichever decision you make, follow your intuition and don’t be afraid to take a risk.

You’ve got this!



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