Hunt for new police chief continues despite adversity


by Carlos Pedraza

Cal Poly Humboldt is struggling to find a new police chief in the wake of yet another resignation

For the last two years, Cal Poly Humboldt’s University Police Department has been plagued with resignations at the very top of their hierarchy. Anthony Morgan, the most recent chief, resigned early in Jan. 2022 after a year in the position.

UPD is still in the early stages of searching for a new chief.

“Cal Poly Humboldt has not yet made the public announcement for accepting applications,” said Grant Scott-Goforth, a communication specialist in the CPH’s News and Info department.

The search for UPD’s next leader will be nationwide. Representatives from different university sources will be involved in the decision, including students, faculty, and university police department staff.

“The University aims for a July 1, or sooner, start of the new permanent chief,” said Scott.

Morgan was only the latest chief of the campus police to resign. Cal Poly Humboldt’s current acting chief of police is Peter Cress, a 25-year police veteran. He started his career at what was then Humboldt State before moving to Sacramento, and eventually returning to UPD in 2021. Cress stated he will likely apply to become the permanent chief of police.

Even if the position is filled, the UPD has barely enough officers to be fully staffed. With a more critical eye on police nationwide, the UPD is struggling to maintain leadership and swear in new officers.

“A lot of people have just said no, they are not interested in living under that kind of criticism,” said Cress.

For students interested in giving their input for the hiring process or for UPD, the police conduct bi-weekly phone calls with students. The university directory also provides all officers’ contact information, and the general UPD contact number is 825-55-55.

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One Comment

  1. Pamela Hinrichs Pamela Hinrichs Thursday, March 10, 2022

    Peter Cress is one of the most compassionate person I have ever known. I met him when he was a sergeant with the Humboldt Co. SHERIFFs Dept. In November 2018. On that fateful day I found out my husband had died. Sgt. Cress came to my home and consoled me.

    The difficulties in my life led me to Superior Court of Humboldt Co. There were many times sheriff deputies
    we’re called and when they came to my home I was treated with love, care, dignity and utmost red.

    I was on court once every month. Before court Luietenant Peter Cress always found the time for words of encouragement. What struck me about LTD. Cress was his professional demeanor,. but most of all his kindness and understanding.

    I had been on court for over two years and knowing that by now Peter Cress was acting Chief of. Cal Poly Humboldt He is by far the busiest. person I know. He has been in. Law enforcement for 25 yrs I attorney for 15 years, and a university level instructor

    For all of you that know him, you will understand when. I say. Peter Cress is my best friend. I can’t believe be there is a more compassionate, hard working, understanding or professional. MAN. for the office of. CHIEF of. POLICE
    for Cal Poly. Humboldt.


    Pamela. Hinrichs

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