Kimchi trend is hard to swallow

Many Koreans who grew up in the U.S. probably understand why the recent kimchi trend is a little irritating. Korean Americans know full well the shame they had to endure by their non-Korean friends who expressed disgust of the pungent

Internet killed the rock star

Rock music has had an identity crisis since the turn of the century, and the internet has much to do with it. A good place to start is Napster, a revolutionary online music-sharing site that had its day between 1999

11 months and no justice for Josiah

David Josiah Lawson was a victim of a hate crime and has become the poster child of the racism that exists in Humboldt County. Though the Arcata Police Department has been working through the investigation using physical evidence and witness

Humboldt Marble Weekend lets the good times roll

Tropher Reynolds, chief promoter of Humboldt Marble Weekend, got the marble rolling with his inaugural, off-the-beaten-path event. 46 glassblowers showcased their handcrafted marbles at Humboldt County’s first marble show over the weekend. Reynolds, owner of Copious Glass in Eureka, is

Restaurant review: The Burger Joint

One of Arcata’s latest restaurants launched their soft opening on Feb. 1: The Burger Joint. Owners Halleh Paymard and Will Hauser have a good thing going. The marquee above the front entrance grabs your attention. Once you’re hooked, you can’t

Talking about my snowflake generation

Right wingers love to call liberals “snowflakes,” a popular slang used to describe self-absorbed, thin-skinned millennials. For instance, you might be labeled a snowflake if you are easily offended by someone calling another person “gay” or “retarded.” This is true

Universities should model accountability

The sudden retirement of HSU Athletics Director Daniel Collen raises unanswered questions of accountability. How did administrative oversight fail to anticipate and mitigate Athletics’ budget crisis threatening the football program? Did Mr. Collen’s political campaign and election to the Northern

My beef with killing the meat industry

Eliminating the meat industry would do more harm than good to our planet. The idea that animal agriculture is completely unethical and impractical is false. The media does a fine job of antagonizing the meat industry, and we all know

Recycling isn’t working

Recycling is not as sustainable as you might think. It has become a wasteful movement that was beneficial during the early stages of the environmental movement. Now the cost outweighs the satisfaction we get out of recycling. “Recycling has been

California Cap and Trade: Climate Problems Solved?

By | Ciara Emery As hundreds of bills sit on Governor Jerry Brown’s Desk for signature at the end of this legislative session, a cap and trade extension prevails as a win…for some. A ten-year extension to California’s landmark carbon