Missing Uber in Arcata


By|Onaja Waki

The Uber ride sharing app has been around for six years now, providing rides to cities around the globe. Here in California, an Uber ride is accessible nearly everywhere. However, as we get further up north to Humboldt County, the option for an Uber ride becomes scarce. North of Eureka and going into towns like Arcata, the request for an Uber is no longer available.

Uber can’t form a base in Arcata without drivers. It’s not a matter of the Uber company not allowing drivers up north or the city of Arcata banning Uber services all together. If more people residing in this area started becoming drivers, then both students and locals would have the opportunity to request a ride as another form of transportation here in Arcata.

Potential drivers must sign up through the Uber website and meet the initial driver requirements, such as being 21-years-old or over, and having at least three years of driving experience with a clean driving record.

Humboldt State student Arri Sanders, an adamant Uber rider in her hometown of Los Angeles, said she uses Uber all the time to get around the busy city. Sanders wishes she could request one out here on a day when the Redwood Transit isn’t running, or the very few available taxi cab services are backed up. “I would chose an Uber ride over calling one these taxis or taking the bus any day! It’s just so much faster,” Sanders said.

Most students agreed with Sanders when asked about there being more accessibility to Uber rides in Arcata. Locals who have been living in Arcata all their life said they want to try the ride-sharing app.

Donald Vance, who was born and raised in Arcata, has no car and uses the local transportation to get around town. Through a friend, he was informed about the Uber service being provided in Eureka, but has never seen Uber drivers here in Arcata. He mentioned how he would like to have Uber out here as an option to get around, and even considered the possibility of signing up to become a driver. “I wouldn’t mind being a driver especially since Arcata is small, I don’t think I would have to go far distances for my pick ups and drop offs anyway,” Vance said.

Análisis Montoya is a third-year HSU student and Uber driver in Oakland. She said Uber driving helped her pay for her car. She considered Ubering here in Arcata, but doesn’t think she would make a lot of money. “I feel like if I was to drive out here no one would request a ride, because I don’t think many people up here even know about Uber,” she said.

Surprisingly, there is a high demand for Uber rides in Arcata, but most people just aren’t informed and aren’t signing up. Those who don’t mind driving or are already drivers in different cities should sign up here in Arcata. They would be providing a service to the many who would like to request a ride.

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