Defunding women’s rights

  By|Domanique Crawford Don’t spit on my cupcake and call it frosting, don’t urinate on my leg and tell me it’s raining, and don’t make laws restricting my access to healthcare and claim it’s to protect my taxpayer money. On

A letter to the non-racist people

by Alexandria Hasenstab Congratulations on not being racist! We know resisting your natural instinct to be racist is no easy task. You deserve to be acknowledged for all the non-racist things you do. Do like Drake, Beyonce, Kendrick Lamar? Everyone

Softball Field Inaccessible

By Danny Dunn One of the greatest aspects of playing sports is the ability to play in front of a home crowd. Unfortunately, Humboldt State’s top rated softball team has not been able to play a single game this season

Raider Nation Finds New Home

By Juan Herrera Party! Party! Party! that’s all I see in the new Las Vegas Raiders future as a professional football team. Early morning on March 27 the National Football League passed a vote moving the Oakland Raiders to Las Vegas,

13 Jacks qualify to two prestigious Division I track meets

By Erin Chessin Track and field coaches Sarah Ingram and Scott Pesch were frustrated to find that very few of the athletes they entered into two Division I track meets made it. They entered  a total of 13 HSU athletes

Letter to the editor: published memes

Dear Editor, As I sat down Sunday to read the latest issue of The Lumberjack, I was dismayed at the end of the paper. The meme on page 11 of the Wednesday March 22 print was demoralizing. It serves as