Student walking to Humboldt State University Library. | Photo by Liam Olson
Student walking to Humboldt State University Library. | Photo by Liam Olson

HSU Library Faces $150,000 in Budget Cuts


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By Erin Chessin

About $150,000 is being subtracted from the HSU Library due to extreme budget cuts the school is facing.

This means that $80,000 is coming out of library staff positions and $70,000 is coming out of the library’s research collection, including books, databases, and journals.

Students and staff will start to feel the impact starting July 1 when the budget cuts will take effect.

HSU students working on computers at the HSU Library. | Photo by Liam Olson

Cyril Oberlander, the Dean of the University Library, said he wants to assure students that the school is making its budget cut choices in favor of the students.

“We have to be strategic about our budget cuts in the end and decide what is most likely to help students out the most,” Oberlander said.

The library’s biggest concern is to make sure students have all the resources they need to succeed in their education. This means providing more textbooks on reserve, improving the technology, and putting in more tables for students to work at.

Recently the library has made new additions to the second floor of the library by adding big screens for students to hook up their computers to and collaboration tables with charger ports in order to make the library environment easier to study.

The Dean of the Library’s goal is to keep student jobs in the library.

“I would like to hire more students in the library,” Oberlander said. “Student employment is great for retention and many students are dealing with debt.”

HSU Financial Affairs has to make budget cut choices amongst its departments, and unfortunately, the school cannot hold off the debt any longer.

Students working and sitting in the HSU Library lobby. | Photo by Liam Olson

“We only have a budget that stretches so far and this is the year we have to make cuts,” Oberlander said.

According to Oberlander, there are two reasons the school is facing debt. One reason is out of HSU’s control.

“Federal and state funding for higher education has been gradually decreasing over the years,” Oberlander said.

The second reason for the debt is the school’s overspending. A meeting was held on April 9 where the HSU Center Board of Directors met to discuss the debt issue.

“During the last five years, the University has been overspending and this year the deficit is at $4.1 million,” Peg Blake, the VP of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs, said in the meeting’s release statement.

HSU students working in the HSU library. | Photo by Liam Olson

Hundreds of students flow in and out the library every day, many relying on the computer software, databases, and textbooks on reserve to get their degree. Jocelyn Barber is a junior environmental engineering major who relies on the library to get a hold of pricey textbooks required for a class.

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  1. TR TR Wednesday, May 3, 2017

    Abandon the ridiculous idea to fill the Executive Director of the Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion position and maybe we can retain a research quality library here on the North Coast.

  2. TR TR Sunday, May 7, 2017

    Before we strike up the band for Humboldt State University’s recent hire of Cheryl Johnson, Ph.D., as the Executive Director of the Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion — I urge the campus community to do a little research into her background.

    I, for one, would love to see Ms. Johnson’s coursework, grades, and transcripts.

    Can we agree that psychology is about the least rigorous of the, very soft, social sciences?

    Either way, read the following excerpt that was extracted from Dr. Cheryl Johnson’s (Psychology Today) therapist profile:

    “Many clients, colleagues and former students have often asked me how I work, “the relationship,” that’s the first process we begin. Our developing relationship is where we explore, heal, and move toward change or acceptance. Some believe psychotherapy is an art. And like creative art, the art of therapy requires continuous practice and study for the psychologist to master advanced skills. Yet, it is the heart of the therapist, that is, her personal warmth and concern for people that is the key to making therapy effective.”,PsyD_Berkeley_California_265875

    If Ms. Johnson skill in psychotherapy is as weak as her written communication skills, I’m very concerned that we may have, yet, another charlatan on the doles at Humboldt State.

    I appears that Ms. Johnson would greatly benefit from some “practice” in grammar, sentence structure, and professional communication.

    Ms. Johnson writes with the skill of a high school student and communicates ideas with the ability of a junior college freshman.

    Humboldt, I think we’ve got a problem. The hire of this woman seems utterly worthless. According to Ms. Johnson’s profile she commands “$150 – $200” per session; I wonder what this translates to in Humboldt State University dollars.

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