Dezi Villagomez and Josefina Bobadilla during the graduation ceremony last spring 2017.
Dezi Villagomez and Josefina Bobadilla during the graduation ceremony last spring 2017.

Student success in college


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By|Charlotte Rutigliano

With the start of the new semester upon us, students like senior Environmental Science major Kelcey Hein, strive for continued success during their time here at HSU without any added stress.

“This year I want to enjoy the classes and appreciate what knowledge comes out of them without stressing out more than I have to,” said Hein.

One way she plans to stress less is through her study methods. According to Hein, she only uses a quality pen and notebook because it is more motivating for her to have clean and fluid notes that she knows she’ll review and refer back to later.

Quality notes are one tip HSU Alum Mary Osteen would give for student success, though that’s not the only one.

Osteen, who graduated in 2004 with a degree in Political Science, said that it’s important for students to get to know and build a relationship with their professors.

“Don’t remain a name on a paper, go the distance to build a relationship with each professor because education, to be deeply meaningful, is personal.” said Osteen.

A statement recent Psychology graduate Dezi Villagomez would agree with.

Villagomez said it truly pays off to go to your professor’s office hours, even though it may be a little terrifying.

Dezi Villagomez after graduation

“They are here to help you and your needs,” Villagomez said, “go to them for advice, homework questions, or even academic and career advice.”

Though professors aren’t the only resources on campus for students, Villagomez was one of many students who took use of the school libraries services.

The libraries services include research help, checking out books, using computers and printers, reserving a study room and different skills workshops among others.

It’s library resources like this that can help keep students focused on their classes and study sessions. Whether you are studying with a group or by yourself, our alums advise to not procrastinate, study a little everyday and not wait until Sunday.

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