Legacy club members perform "Say My Name" by Destiny's Child in the Kate Buchanan room on Feb. 23. Photo by Curran C. Daly.

Check-It celebrates fourth anniversary


Students and staff get to share why they check it.

Check-It had their fourth anniversary party in the Kate Buchanan room on Feb. 23. There was free food, karaoke and a variety of clubs that performed from 7-8 p.m. The lights-out dance party was from 8:30-10 p.m.

Mary Sue Savage is the prevention coordinator at Humboldt State. Savage has been here all four years and says this anniversary party has become a tradition.

“To ‘check it’ means to intervene, to take action when we witness a potential moment of harm, specifically addressing sexual assault, dating violence and stalking,” Savage said.

Savage checks it for many reasons. She checks it for her family, her community and for her future children.

“I check it, because I want to live in a world where harm is not the norm. I want to live in a world where we have a consent-centered culture,” Savage said. “It’s really exciting knowing we can use Check-It as a tool to create the culture and the world we all wanna live in.”

Esmeralda Hurtado is the student coordinator for consent culture. Hurtado checks it, because she wants to continue to spread the knowledge of respecting consent and people’s boundaries.

A time where Hurtado personally checked it was when she first moved into the HSU dorms.

“I had just came home from class and I heard a lot of commotion outside. I stopped and I heard screaming and things being thrown,” Hurtado said. “I ran out of the dorm and I knocked and that stopped it. I still felt that something was not okay so I ran and grabbed a [community advocate], and they were able to asses the situation and handle it properly.”

Bridget Ocampo is a peer health educator with Oh SNAP!

“I feel like back in high school, we didn’t have much education within that. When I came up here, I became aware that it’s really important,” Ocampo said. “When I personally checked it, [it] was at work. One of [my] coworkers tapped my friend on their rear end, so I confronted them. At the time, my friend was too afraid to tell them anything.”

Lemia Wells was an attendee at the Check-It anniversary party. Wells came to the event to support the program and those who have been sexually harassed.

“I check it, because consent is important. If it’s not a for sure consent, then it is an assault,” Wells said. “Last week, I checked a guy who was yelling at a girl. The girl was telling the guy to leave her alone, but he wouldn’t so I told him that it wasn’t necessary. He got frightened and stopped yelling at her.”

HSU acapella club member Christian Placet was one of the karaoke performers. The acapella club checks it, because it’s important that everyone should feel respected in any situation.

“There were moments where i’ve been a bystander, where I wished I checked it.” Placet said. “Back in high school, there were a lot of nerds that were picked on and I really should’ve done something.”

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