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Double Down on Double Standards

Katie Hill's resignation highlights sexual misconduct double standards in politics.

Katie Hill’s resignation highlights sexual misconduct double standards in politics

At least 25 women have come forward with allegations against President of the United States Donald Trump, some from as far back as 1970.

Allegations of at least two improper relationships with former staff were made against Congresswoman Katie Hill.

Trump remains in office. Meanwhile, conservative media ran explicit photos they received from Hill’s previous competition as part of a smear campaign, resulting in Hill’s resignation on Oct. 27.

We don’t believe Hill to be a perpetrator. We believe Hill to be a victim of revenge porn and of the double standards of our current political and social climate.

We are entering an era where the up and coming generation are products of a technologically advanced world. This generation will be the next to represent us in politics.

The men who remain in office despite their sexual misconduct must step down. The justice system must not fail to reprimand those who spread revenge porn the way they’ve failed the women who have spoken up against them.

There are men who have been removed from their positions or missed out on opportunities because of actual sexual misconduct.

The difference between these men and Katie Hill is that they were removed because they were sexual predators. They played an active hand in sexual behavior that was not consensual, legal or both.

Roy Moore, a republican who wanted to fill the Alabama Senate seat left open by Jeff Sessions, lost to democrat Doug Jones in a 2017 special election.

Moore had four sexual misconduct allegations against him for soliciting sex from minors per Alabama state law and voters were still conflicted on which way to vote.

This behavior is worth the lost seat. Moore was not fit to be in a position of power as a predator.

Hill is dealing with allegations of affairs but not of sexual harassment. Though you might be able to identify those affairs as an act of misconduct, the difference between these actions is the severity of the issue and the difference between a malicious act and impropriety.

Last year Congress passed a law that prohibits sexual relationships between lawmakers and their employees, putting Capitol Hill on par with the military and the private sector.

Hill’s resignation is about much more than the potential of affairs. She was forced to leave because a couple disgusting men with malicious intentions decided to air her dirty laundry.

Hill is 32 and therefore a part of the millennial generation. The generation that grew up with the world at their fingertips in the form of the internet and smartphones.

Sending a risqué photo to someone you trust does come with consequences. Though you place trust in the person you are sending photos to, they still possess the ability to betray that trust and expose something you sent in an understandable private conversation.

What it does not mean is that you should be ostracized for sending them. Those who stooped low enough to disrespect someone by leaking nudes should be the ones who are ostracized instead.

The congressional responsibility of making vital decisions regarding people’s lives and welfare from anything to health care, taxes and governing laws are placed in the hands of simple people.

Because they are representatives of the people, we expect the individuals voted into office to uphold moral and ethical values and decision making.

Hill has broken no moral code or ethical principle by privately sending photos to someone. The only thing Hill is guilty of is feeling comfortable enough in her sexuality and her relationship at the time to send provocative photos.

To treat her as if she has made some treacherous decision that suddenly makes her ill fit to hold office, is ludicrous and childish.

It’s time to grow up and move past the double standards we place on women in politics.

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