Sleeping Strategies

A few ways to get to sleep easier according to science.

Pollinator Predicaments

Climate change affects the lives of birds, butterflies and bees.

Take the plunge with HSU’s Dive Program

HSU’s scientific diving program is an opportunity for any student to get their face underwater and see the most spectacular coast in the world.

April showers bring May flowers

Humboldt State’s campus is painted every color of the rainbow as flowers bloom to beckon in spring

Illuminating the dark

Professor Derek F. Jackson Kimball sheds some light on his research into dark matter

Dissecting the dead

Cadavers and animals specimens give HSU students a unique opportunity

Power Down HSU!

Help out and power down HSU on March 6!

Studying dinosaurs is dino-mite

Humans can learn from dinosaurs’ experiences with climate change Humans can learn from dinosaurs’ experience with global warming. Elliot Dabill, president of the board of directors for Friends of the Arcata Marsh, gave a lecture on Friday Feb. 15 on