Trees are Here to Help

How planting trees can serve as one branch of a climate action plan

33 Months

Living in a community full of love, fear and a growing void of justice

Spreading Warmth for Winter

Many organizations around Humboldt County provide warm clothing for little or no cost.

Next Outage Could Hit Humboldt As Early As Tuesday

Although areas of Humboldt County have the “all clear” for power restoration, another PSPS may be scheduled for Tuesday morning Parts of Humboldt have been given the “all clear” to begin line inspections and restorations for the current Public Safety

Raising the Barbell

For these three athletes, weightlifting is more than just exercise, it’s a lifestyle.

KHSU protest in the plaza

The last remaining KSHU staff members resign, join a peaceful gathering of a few dozen held during weekly farmers market

It takes a village

Proposed housing project survives but gets thrown back for modifications

Arcata’s Death Cafe

Arcata provides a safe space for people to comprehend the concept of death

Blotter bytes

The Rolling Count: This week in drug-related activity was pretty chill. Nobody was charged with possession and nobody was caught in the act of smoking weed. However, we do have to salute a fallen soldier. On Wednesday Feb. 6 in

Mr. Humboldt pageant

The sixth annual Mr. Humboldt beauty pageant was full of belly laughs and wood jokes