Jacks Ball dominates Western Oregon

By | Keaundrey Clark The Lumberjacks have faced a tough Western Oregon squad for the second time this season, a rowdy Redwood Bowl on the edge of their seats during the team’s amazing 42-32 victory against the Wolves. The first

The Freaks Lament – A Humboldt Circus Presentation

By Keaundrey Clark and Bryan Donoghue Humboldt State Circus is hosting The Freak’s Lament Circus Show from Oct. 26-28 in the Gist Hall Theatre “Come have some laughs,” said co-president Ashley Bowles. “Don’t take life too seriously.” HSU’s Circus Club

Goodbye Moonstone, hello rising sea levels

Picture Moonstone Beach. The sun is setting, creating a silhouette of Camel Rock against a watercolor sky of vibrant pinks and oranges. The ocean is at peace, beautifully calm and picturesque. Now imagine the beach in fifty years or so.

La Loba Loca vists CCAT

In a room packed so that only standing room remained, everyone there simply closed their eyes and focused on the knowledge that the seeds had to share.

Humboldt State athletics shows kindness with Sonoma State

By | Keaundrey Clark Sports glorifies the competitive spirit where one should be better than their opponent, every little advantage or slip-up can mean victory or defeat. It’s rare to see sportsmanship, and more rare to see acts of kindness

My beef with killing the meat industry

Eliminating the meat industry would do more harm than good to our planet. The idea that animal agriculture is completely unethical and impractical is false. The media does a fine job of antagonizing the meat industry, and we all know

A campaign for things unseen

By | Charlotte Rutigliano At HSU, one in ten students have a disability. Most have a registered disability that is non-apparent. According to Kevin O’Brien, director of Student Access Services and Student Disability Resource Center, approximately 80 percent of disabilities

This week in STEM Oct. 24

The world runs on science, at the Lumberjack we’re bringing you the top stories every week.