Discovery of new solar system

By Domanique Crawford With NASA’s recent discovery of seven earth-sized planets orbiting a small star, who’s to say extraterrestrials don’t exist? The cosmic possibilities may be endless. “It’s definitely possible,” said  HSU history major Cameron McDermid. “It’s not going to be

This week in science (March 1 – March 8)

By Claire Roth Physiology – Understanding our desires Scientists from the United Kingdom recently were awarded with “The Brain Prize” by Denmark’s Lundbeck Foundation for their research on what it is in our brains that makes us enjoy things in

Recyclemania hits HSU

By Molly Gilmore Humboldt State is participating in a 2-month-long waste diversion competition against hundreds of other eco-conscious schools across the US and Canada. The goal of the competition is to see who can not only reduce the most waste

Deadly mussels in Humboldt County

Paralytic shellfish poisoning causes a quarantine of locally harvested mussels By Alexandria Hasenstab Eating only four locally harvested mussels in Humboldt County could be fatal. On Feb. 14, the Yurok Tribe’s Facebook page released a warning about consuming mussels that read,

Birding at the marsh may cure those mid-term blues

By Ali Osgood Right now you’re probably enduring the long, drawn-out end to a wet Humboldt winter. You’ve been cooped up inside for months and you’re almost certain that you are on the verge of a psychotic break. Midterms are

The battle against English ivy

By Kelly Bessem HSU student Tim Scully pulls ivy from the ground near HSU’s Natural Resources Building while waiting for other HSU Natural Resources Club members to gather for Saturday volunteering events. The area around the building was restored with

Voices of student science

By Bryan Donoghue ____________________________________________________ Voices of student science aims to highlight individual Humboldt State students majoring within the widespread realm of the sciences. ____________________________________________________________ Thomas McBrinn is a junior fisheries biology major with an emphasis on freshwater fish. McBrinn grew

This week in science (Feb. 15 – Feb. 22)

By Claire Roth Astronomy – Deep space beats Today’s music seems to be getting more and more space-age, but scientists recently came across the cause of a sound that really is out of this world. Around 10 years ago, astronomers

Recyclemania at HSU

By Molly Gilmore As of Feb. 6, HSU has taken part in a recycling and composting challenge known as Recyclemania. It is an eight-week long tournament involving hundreds of schools in the United States and Canada and the goal is to

Voices of student science

By | Kelly Bessem ____________________________________________________ Voices of student science aims to highlight individual Humboldt State students majoring within the widespread realm of the sciences. ____________________________________________________________ Alycia Padilla is a 27-year-old wildlife major from Bakersfield, Calif. Padilla’s desire to protect and

Potential pipeline meets resistance

Story by | Emily Owen Since the 1970s, a Canadian-based energy company called Veresen Incorporated has been working on a plan to build a pipeline to carry natural gas through Southern Oregon, just 200 miles north of Arcata. After being

The pressure’s on to make metallic hydrogen

By Bryan Donoghue Within Humboldt State University, in the halls of Science A, there’s a cabinet that houses solid and metallic specimens of almost every element in the periodic table. One of the only absent solids is hydrogen, an element known

Love is in the brain

Where your butterflies get their wings By Claire Roth Like it or not, we as human beings are wired to fall in love, or at least to feel as though we are. That gooey, wonderful, frightening, upside-down-stomach feeling is actually

This week in science (Feb. 1 – Feb. 8)

  Wildlife – A batty welcome At the San Diego Zoo, a critically endangered species of bat known as the Rodrigues fruit bat was the first of his species to be brought into the world via cesarean section. The emergency

Voices of student science

By | Kelly Bessem Voices of student science aims to highlight individual Humboldt State students majoring within the widespread realm of the sciences. ____________________________________________________________ Isabella Knori is a senior geography major with a minor in geospatial analysis. Knori is originally

WRRAP up some school supplies

By | Kelly Bessum School can be a mental and monetary struggle, but doing your part to reduce waste on campus doesn’t have to be. If you haven’t yet happened upon it, WRRAP is Humboldt State’s student-run Waste Reduction and

Pruitt to head US Environmental Protection Agency

By | Bryan Donoghue President Donald J. Trump and his administration have selected the Oklahoma Attorney General Edward Scott Pruitt to head the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This action could disrupt former President Barack Obama’s efforts to combat climate change and

A stormy start to the year

January rainfall on track to double the average By | Alexander Badger After one of the rainiest fall seasons in Humboldt County history, students returned to the new semester to yet another storm. The storm was strong enough to knock

This week in science Jan. 16

Graphic Illustrations and Written By: Claire Roth Politics – A glimmer of hope Perhaps one of the most hopeful developments so far in the world of 2017 science is President-elect Donald Trump and his affiliates’ acknowledgement of climate science. Though