Krushin’ it

By Jonathan Bratthall Tideman and Ross Milne   Student by day, resident Redwood Drag Queen by night In many ways Bryan Pendant is just like other students at Humboldt State University: going from class to class, studying hard at the end

Chico brings their brooms to HSU

The Lumberjacks softball team concluded their four-game series with No. 3 ranked Chico State University on April 21 by taking a pair of losses to complete Chico’s sweep. Video by Bailey Tennery. The Jacks were shut out in the first

Humboldt State debates Irish National Debate Champions

Humboldt State University’s debate team dedicates 13 hours a week discussing uncomfortable subjects. The HSU debate team debated against the Irish National Debate Champions on April 11. The team spoke on why “violence is necessary for political action.” The HSU

Out of the darkness comes light

Survivors of sexual violence share their experiences through the events of Take Back the Night Take Back the Night delivers the message that domestic partner violence, intimate partner violence and other types of violence will not be tolerated. Xochitl Cabrera

Alchemy Distillery holds its monthly Saturday open house

Alchemy Distillery is located at 330 South G St. in Arcata, across from the Arcata Marsh. On March 31, owners Amy and Steve Bohner held their monthly Saturday open house tour of their distillery. This open house includes free tours

Rallies at the State Capitol for sufficient CSU funding

Students, faculty and allies of the California State University system from all 23 campuses made the journey to the State Capitol to send Gov. Jerry Brown a message, it is time to fully fund the CSU. Video by Dajonea Robinson.

Justice for Josiah rally

On April 5 at 1:30 p.m., students at Humboldt State left class to attend a rally on the UC quad in remembrance of David Josiah Lawson, a student who was stabbed to death at a party in Arcata almost a

Power of protest in pursuit of peace

With the song, “JUSTICE FOR JOSIAH (RIP)” by Oboy Flocka playing in the background, sophomore criminology student Barbara Singleton stood near the front of Siemens Hall with pamphlets, spreading awareness on the events planned for the following 12 Days of

What will you miss most about Humboldt?

Lumberjack reporter Dajonea Robinson asked graduating seniors what they will miss most about Humboldt during Grad Fair on March 29. Video by Dajonea Robinson.

Rumbling in the redwoods

Eureka citizens boo and jeer as the loud music kicks in. Boyce LeGrande, a pro wrestler, walks in with a stride of confidence and pride, mocking the audience as he makes his way to the ring. As soon as LeGrande

Students v. admins: frustrated conversations at the budget cuts walkout

“Students’ rights! Students’ rights!” “Where the fuck is Lisa? Where the fuck is Lisa?” “Cut her pay! Cut her pay!” Video by Bailey Tennery. HSU students could be heard storming through Siemens Hall yesterday, demanding the school’s administration to face

Fear of heights versus rock climbers

Do rock climbers have a fear of heights? Watch the video to find out! Members of Humboldt State’s rock climbing club Andrew Musgrave, Becky Bell and Journey Ibe dive into their fear of heights. The video was created on Nov.

“Unsolved Hate,” the case of David Josiah Lawson

The murder of David Josiah Lawson happened almost 11 months ago. On April 15, 2017, the 19-year-old HSU student Lawson was stabbed multiple times at a house party in Arcata and he died shortly after. The case remains unsolved and

One man’s trash is another man’s supercomputer

HSU students Sean Haas and Jack Eicher build a supercomputer to better conduct biophysics research on campus. At large research institutions such as Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and International Business Machines, or IBM, supercomputers can cost anywhere from $100 million

Wild West in Humboldt County

Humboldt County is known worldwide as a safe haven for hippies, liberals and gun-toting conservative cowboys. Gun violence is on the rise around the country, especially in regards to mass shootings, as was just seen in Florida. Gun culture is