California bail reform bill

By Iridian Casarez A new bill was presented to the State Assembly Committee in the state of California that will effectively eliminate the bail system. The State Assembly’s Committee  voted on the bill, Assembly Bill 42. According to the Los

Hoopa Valley High School fire

By Iridian Casarez Three buildings at Hoopa Valley High School were engulfed in 40 foot flames early Monday morning. According to Times Standard, Hoopa Valley High School’s auto shop, wood shop and choir room went up in flames due to

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This week in news (April 12 to April 18)

By Iridian Casarez Local -Collision on 299 One person died and eight others were injured in a car collision on Highway 299 Monday afternoon. Source: News Channel 3 -Myers Flat burglary and shooting Three people have been detained after a

HSU considering alternatives to PepsiCo

By Andrew Butler PepsiCo and HSU have spent the last five years in a contractual partnership. PepsiCo pays HSU athletics $35,000 a year in scholarships, HSU gives PepsiCo 80 percent of available shelving space for its drinks, and the students

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Trump watch (April 12 to April 18)

By Iridian Casarez President Trump is claiming that he cannot be sued because he is now President of the United States, his defense in lawsuit said Trump incited rally-goers to violence that assaulted protesters in his 2016 campaign. President Trump

HSU student dies after stabbing

By | Andrew George Butler 3:14 p.m. 4/19: The District Attorney’s office said Kyle Zoellner’s case is still under review, and a decision has not yet been made. Arcata police are urging that the author of an e-mail giving an

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Trump watch (April 5 to April 11)

President Trump ordered an airstrike on a Syrian government air base on Friday in response to the chemical weapons attack that killed dozens last week. Six people were killed in the airstrike. Trump offered a traditional Hebrew Passover greeting to

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This week in news (April 5 to April 11)

Local -Baywood Country Club The Baywood country club is broke and is soon planning a golf course timber harvest. The country club is going to file a Timber Harvest plan that looks to lodge roughly 73 forested acres in and

Athletics department faces deficit growth

By | Andrew George Butler and Keaundrey Clark Humboldt State University’s athletics department will face a budget deficit as the fiscal year comes to a close on June 30, 2017 for the second consecutive year. The athletic department is expected

KHSU public radio faces possible defunding

By Curran Daly Humboldt State’s radio station, KHSU, is facing a 16 percent funding decrease under Donald Trump’s proposed 2018 Budget Outline. KHSU has an annual operating budget of just over a million dollars. In 2016, KHSU received $175,061 in

The translators of Humboldt County

By Sarahi Apaez During the spring preview introduction in the Lumberjack Arena, Rosamel Benavides-Garb watched and listened through his headset as his students translated for the parents of incoming HSU freshmen. Benavides-Garb, the chair of the department of world languages

Q & A with new dean Lisa Bond-Maupin

By Iridian Casarez HSU will soon welcome its new dean of the College of the Arts, Humanities and Social Science, Lisa Bond-Maupin. Bond-Maupin is starting as the new position in July. She is coming from the University of Arkansas. Q:

HSU takes back the night

By Charlotte Rutigliano Students, faculty and members of the community came out to the Kate Buchanan Room this past Friday to show their support for survivors of sexualized violence. One student who came out to show support was graduate student

Remembering the 2014 Spring Preview bus crash

By Iridian Casarez An HSU student assembled a candle lit vigil to remember the 2014 Spring Preview bus crash. Yulisa Salas, a second year English and critical race and gender studies major, put together a vigil to honor the victims

HSU faces $6 million budget deficit

By | Andrew George Butler The who’s who of Humboldt State University gathered on April 4 at 10 a.m. to discuss the University’s budget deficit. The meeting was lead by the University Resources and Planning Committee, a sub-committee made up

Kyle Zoellner

Breaking: Kyle Zoellner to be released following Pre-trial hearings

By Curran Daly 23-year-old Kyle Zoellner will be released following the week long pre-trial hearing that took place this week. Judge Dale Reinholtsen decided after hearing four and a half days of testimony that the prosecution did not have sufficient

HSU’s head is in the clouds

By Charlotte Rutigliano HSU has been discussing making the switch to the cloud network over the last year, in hopes to improve file access for students and increase storage space. Anna Kircher, who is the chief information officer for Information

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Celebrating Culture and Success at the HSU Big Time

The HSU Big Time, presented by the Indian Tribal & Educational Personnel Program, is a social gathering with dancing and cultural sharing events. What makes this event unique from other gatherings, is that it takes advantage of the campus to

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This week in news (March 29 to April 4)

Local  -Political detox shelter A new sanctuary shelter is available for those being affected by the political storms set off by the statements of President Trump. The shelter is called Extreme Bullshit Shelter (EBS), operated by the Arcata Shelter Collective.

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Trump watch (March 29 to April 4)

President Donald Trump has donated all of his earnings as President of the United States to the National Park Service. Trump donated $78,333, his first salary installment which covers the first 10 weeks he’s been in office. $78,333 is 0.005%

HSU graduate making a name for himself

By Morgan Brizee At just 2 years old Eddie Medrano and his four siblings were forced into the foster care system. Medrano is now a 22-year-old Humboldt State graduate, and soon to be USC masters graduate, who created and owns

Attempted murder on the plaza

On April 3, at approximately 5:30 p.m. a man attacked another man in the Arcata Plaza. The attacker, Nicholas Inskip Kistler, ran up and hit another man over the head with a hammer. The attacker was caught on camera running