Fire two miles from HSU

  By | Iridian Casarez and Curran C. Daly Updated Thursday 3:30 A fire started at 12:24 p.m. on private property 200 feet away from the Arcata Community Forrest. Cal fire responded from Mad River Station, according to Captain Alex

Leonard Perry prepares to lay flowers at a vigil for David Josiah Lawson, August 15, Arcata Plaza. | Photo by Curran Daly

David Josiah Lawson’s four month vigil

By Iridian Casarez and Curran Daly What began as a vigil for HSU student David Josiah Lawson turned into a conversation about the safety and acceptance of people of color in the community. Four months after the death of HSU

HSU Takes on the Big Apple

By Juan Herrera Maintaining peace, resolving conflicts, protecting the environment and much more between nations is not an easy task, but someone has to do it. The organization in charge of doing so is the United Nations (U.N.). This group

Succulents soothe the soul

By Emily Moore Succulents are an awesome, low maintenance plant that are uniquely adapted to dry climates by storing water in the leaves, roots and stems. This makes them excellent plants for both indoor and outdoor spaces. That said, you

HSU Library Faces $150,000 in Budget Cuts

By Erin Chessin About $150,000 is being subtracted from the HSU Library due to extreme budget cuts the school is facing. This means that $80,000 is coming out of library staff positions and $70,000 is coming out of the library’s

Recipe: Toad in the Hole

By Liam Olson Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. It helps you get your day going and keeps you not hungry until lunch. However for some college students, it is hard to make breakfast with

When life is ruff, pet a pup

Dog Therapy to Help Students Relax during Finals Students were able to pet therapy dogs to destress from the stressful workload of finals in the Jolly Giant Commons on April 29. Canyon Student Assistant Elisabeth Torretti and the Canyon staff

Compassionate Bonds — New HSU Chem Prof Goes Above and Beyond

By Bryan Donoghue For many students at Humboldt State University, any chemistry class is on a list of the hardest courses a student can take. Humboldt State has taken on a new temporary chemistry professor whom students are dubbing “passionate,”

This week in science (April 26 – May 3)

By Bryan Donoghue Technology – Bioprinted Cartilage Researchers at Sahlgrenska Academy in Sweden have managed to generate cartilage tissue by bioprinting stem cells using a 3D bioprinter. Researchers found a procedure that ensured cell survival from printing so they could

Restoring the Largest Old Growth Forest in the World

By Kelly Bessem Portions of the Prairie Creek Watershed, one hour north of Arcata, are still being restored 50 years after being clearcut. Proposed restoration plans by the National Park Service (NPS) will make this region into the largest remaining

New Netflix series ‘Thirteen Reasons Why” sparks controversy

By Erin Chessin Last month, Netflix turned Jay Asher’s New York Times Bestseller, “Thirteen Reasons Why”, into a popular new series, but not everyone is excited about the outcome. The show has received high ratings and critical acclaim for its

Highway 101 closure to last into next week

By Curran Daly Highway 101 is closed from Leggett to 15 miles south of Garberville. A rockslide caused the closure that started on April 16. Initial reports said that the road would be opened by Wednesday, but subsequent rockslides lead

Kyle Zoellner

Breaking: Kyle Zoellner to be released following Pre-trial hearings

By Curran Daly 23-year-old Kyle Zoellner will be released following the week long pre-trial hearing that took place this week. Judge Dale Reinholtsen decided after hearing four and a half days of testimony that the prosecution did not have sufficient


By Curran Daly Humboldt State’s spring break just ended. Some Lumberjacks submitted pictures via Instagram to show what they were up to over their #LJspringbreak.

Tips to Get Back Into Study Mode

By Domanique Crawford Monday morning hits and you are dreading rolling out of  bed. The alarm has already gone off twice and you know your days of sleeping in, free afternoons with no  back-to-back hours of homework, and evenings when

Sights of San Francisco

By Liam Olson Filled with diversity, delicious food, and beautiful sightseeing, San Francisco is a travel hotspot within the United States. With so many sights to see these are just a few the popular spots around San Francisco.

By | Curran Daly

Recipe: Mac-n-Cheese Hot Dogs

By Curran Daly Co-created by Terra Hyke Ingredients 1 carton pasta shells or macaroni 1 cup – sharp cheddar cheese ½ cup – parmesan or any other cheese 2 tablespoons – butter 2 tablespoons – all-purpose flour 2 cups –

Rain, rain, go away, or stay?

By Carlos Olloqui Splash, drip, drop, woo, splash. Bring out the rain boots, rain jackets, and umbrellas, the rain is going crazy. Humboldt County has experienced very wet days these past couple of weeks. David Herrera, an engineering major, feels

Seekh Kabab served on a hot plate. Photo | Bryan Donoghue

Tandoori Bites Indian Cuisine

By Bryan Donoghue Strong aromas mixing in with contemporary Indian music fill the dining area of Tandoori Bites Indian Cuisine with plenty of charm.  Tandoori ovens are cylindrical clay or metal ovens that are used in many Asian cuisines, and

Word on the Street: Spring Break

By Curran Daly Humboldt State will be going on spring break next week. Spring break is an opportunity for students to travel, relax, and take a break from studies. We hit the streets to ask some fellow Lumberjacks what they

Grilled Mac-n-Cheese Sandwich with Tomato Soup. Photo | Curran Daly

Recipe: Mac-n-Cheese Grilled Cheese with Tomato Soup

Video | Curran Daly & Chelsea Medlock Recipe | Curran Daly Ingredients 1 – box Kraft Mac n Cheese 6 – slices of bacon 1 – loaf of bread 1 – Campbell’s tomato soup 8 – slices of cheese ¼

Toketee Falls is a short hike with tall cascades. | Photo by Scott McCrary

Don’t Trip, Just Hit the Road

How to Navigate a Budget Oregon Road Trip By Kelly Bessem “On a roadtrip? Things rarely go as planned, but that’s part of the adventure,” said Sean Sesanto, a senior Humboldt State University student from Santa Cruz, Calif. Stormy roads

Environmental engineering senior, Derek Roelle, gears up to walk a quarter mile down the snowy road to the open slopes. | Photo by Ryan Wiegman

Skis Get Degrees

By Ali Osgood It’s been a record high year for rain and snow according to N.O.A.A., so to escape the wet coast, students head for the snowy mountains to get their adrenaline fix.