Mellow out with meditation

By  Morgan Brizee Learn to de-stress with the One Breath meditation group class A long light grey table split the Recreation and Wellness Center room in half. Students and a staff member were on one side and the facilitator on

Illustration. | Joe DeVoogd

This week in news (Feb. 1 to Feb. 7)

By | Iridian Casarez Local Arcata playhouse turns ten! -The Arcata playhouse celebrated its tenth birthday with a two day celebration this past weekend. Arcata police department has a crime website -The Arcata police department now has a website that

Small time work turns into full time closure

By | Charlotte Rutigliano The closure on the state route 299 Mother Nature works against the California Department of Transportation making roads a little less traveled. Since January 2016 the California Department of Transportation, known as Caltrans, has been doing

The Moodle to Canvas switch

By | Sarahi Apaez Humboldt State University’s 11 year long relationship with Moodle is coming to a close with the introduction of a new learning management system. During the past few years issues have arisen with Moodle and Canvas is

Illustration. | Joe DeVoogd

Trump watch (Feb. 1 to Feb. 7)

By Iridian Casarez Tuesday 2/7: Betsy DeVos needed an historic tie-breaking vote cast by Vice President Mike Pence to become the Secretary of Education. The 51-50 vote saw two senate republicans vote against DeVos, possibly foreshadowing a fracture within party

A master plan for free tuition

By Charlotte Rutigliano Can California follow in the footsteps of many European countries and offer free tuition for students? While CSU students across the state are currently protesting a 5 percent tuition hike, in Sacramento  Governor Brown reaffirms his commitment

This week in science (Jan. 25 – Feb. 1)

By | Claire Roth Climate – When we became the climate changers When it comes to conversations surrounding climate change, there seems to be more agreeing to disagree than flat-out agreement. It’s a strange phenomenon for a topic having to

People protesting banks in Arcata and Eureka

By Iridian Casarez People protesting Wells Fargo and other corporate banks funding the North Dakota Access Pipeline took to the streets in Arcata and Eureka on Saturday Jan. 28.   People stood in front of several Wells Fargo locations to

Largest march in Eureka city history

Local people gather for women’s rights Photos and Story By: Carlos Olloqui What began as a simple Facebook event post has now turned into a worldwide grassroots movement. Teresa Shook, a Hawaiian resident angered by the 2016 election results, decided to

Day of Solidarity event at HSU

The events include yoga, free massages and free food Photos & Story by: Morgan Brizee The gloomy, dark, wet and cold weather on Friday Jan. 20 was showing what most Humboldt State students were feeling on the inside after the inauguration

Healthy back to school habits

By: Claire Roth Pulling yourself out from your winter pile of blankets with the words back to school ringing in your ears can be difficult. The vision of the never-ending staircase of Founders Hall you’ll have to climb to get to class

President-Elect Trump’s appointees

As President-elect Donald Trump prepares to be sworn into office as the president of the United States, he nominates candidates for his cabinet.  The president’s cabinet consists of the vice president and the heads of 15 executive departments that include

Day of solidarity for the greater HSU community

Staff and students invited to a day of healing By: Andrew George Butler Waking up on the first day of the semester with a hundred tasks and no answers, many miles from home in small town Arcata, can make the

The Trump Presidency – KHSU town hall meeting

By: Iridian Casarez Thursday Night Talk, a weekly KHSU radio program, is set to hold an open town hall style forum Jan. 19 in HSU’s Kate Buchanan room. The event will feature local law enforcement members, educational administrators and advocates,

Illustration. | Joe DeVoogd

This week in news

By: Iridian Casarez Local News  Coastal National Monuments in Humboldt  Obama expanded the California Coastal National Monuments in Humboldt county. Trinidad Head, Walumph Lighthouse Ranch and the Lost Coast Headlands were officially designated as California Coastal National  Monuments.  Women will