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Ask Evergreen: Ant Avoider

Mint, peppermint and spearmint essential oils are safe alternatives to bug sprays.

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Ask Evergreen is a weekly advice column by the students of the Lumberjack.

Each week we answer anonymous questions sent in by readers about anything and everything.

Dear Evergreen,

What’s the most humane way to divert ants?

Dear Ant Avoider,

During the wet season ants furiously seek a dry haven to claim. To best defend your home from ants there are a few harmless and ecologically sound ways you can use to do so.

There are natural and pet-safe sprays that you can buy to defend your home from ants, however some are aerosol sprays which are bad for the environment because they contribute to greenhouse gases and can alter the formation of clouds.

To avoid using aerosol repellents, you can make your own water based repellent spray with fresh herbs and essential oils.

Mint, peppermint and spearmint essential oils are safe alternatives to bug sprays. All you need to do is make a trail of essential oils around any crevices that ants are coming through or may get in from. This will create an invisible barrier that is usually successful at deterring these tiny pests.

Vinegar is another safe alternative to conventional bug repellents, and you might even have some in your home already. This can be used to block entrances and cut off the message trail that invading ants left for others to follow.

If these methods fail, you can also try setting up a baited trap. Place a tasty treat in a tray outside your home to lure ants to their demise. Honey works perfectly for attracting and trapping ants.

One last measure you can take is repairing any cracks in your home which may allow ants to get in. Check door weather strips and windowsills for wear and tear and patch up anything as needed.

Hope this helps!



If you have any questions you’d like to send in, email us at We won’t publish any names and you don’t need to use one.

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  1. wolfgangsterling wolfgangsterling Sunday, February 9, 2020

    What About Loving Your Ants? What IF We Built a Radioactive Ant Farm with Magic Mushroom and Cannabis Roots? Would a DIFFERENT SPECIES OF ANT EVOLVE? GODZILLA?
    At an Existing Anthill, Throw some Radioactive Americium-241 from a Smoke Detector Down the Hole… Then Plant some Psilocybin and Amanita Muscaria Mushrooms Nearby so the Mycelium (roots) Grow Throughout The Colony … and a Ring of Cannabis Plants with Their Roots Intermingling as Well. The Ants Could Eat the Fruiting Bodies of the Mushrooms and The Pollen, Leaves and Flowers from the Kind Bud (Marijuana). As We Have Learned in Chernobyl, Some Fungus Thrives on Radioactive Waste… REALLY!

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