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Ask Evergreen: Reveal and Reflect

Ask Evergreen signing off

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Ask Evergreen signing off

Ask Evergreen is an advice column by the students of The Lumberjack

It all started with a couple blank posters taped in bathroom stalls. With this advice column as Ask Evergreen I’ve been able to connect with students in a surprising way. I’ve learned their worries and hopes and struggled alongside them as I sought the best advice to respond to each inquiry.

Giving advice isn’t easy. It’s a constant back-and-forth of weighing the options and outcomes. The best advice is that which comes from honesty and reality—that’s the advice that sinks in the most. Things won’t always turn out alright or in your favor, but knowing how to pivot and adapt will allow for opportunities of growth and understanding.

I hope what I’ve had to say has impacted readers, even if I’m not qualified to give advice—no one really is. Only you have the power to tell yourself what to do, I can only wish for the best result with my guiding words.

Each week’s questions taught me more about myself than I would’ve expected. Each question offered me a chance to step into someone else’s shoes and feel the situation they were in.

At times it was difficult to come up with something meaningful to say. Some questions left me stumped for advice. Although other questions were easier to answer than others, each was a learning experience.

No matter how trivial or serious a question was—whether it was a question about fixing a relationship after finding a secret Instagram account, or how to set boundaries with a sexually harassing housemate—I’ve learned the best way to set someone on a clearer path isn’t through belittling or dismissal it’s through consideration and caution.

Sometimes it’s best to have advice come from someone completely not involved in your life, and I’ve been grateful to have this opportunity to lend my thoughts to others.

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