Chris Mis, a registered nurse who works part time at the Student Health Center works at her computer under a tent outside during the Covid-19 pandemic on April 17. | Photo by Thomas Lal

HSU Student Resources to Get Through the Pandemic

Student resources for school, finances, food, housing and counseling

Student resources for school, finances, food, housing and counseling

Here is a list of resources Humboldt State is offering for students. Click here for a student-created site of community resources. Click here for the site in Spanish.

Educational advice:

Enoch Hale is the director of the Center for Teaching and Learning at Humboldt State University. He provided five tips to help students with online learning during the shelter in place order. His tips revolved around being kind and flexible.

“Kindness is having the patience and the benefit of the doubt to know that everyone else is struggling,” Hale said. “Be flexible—no one signed up for this and we are going to have to be agile in our expectations in the changing patterns.”

Five tips to help with online school from Hale:

  1. Don’t ignore feelings—reflect on them so they don’t manage us.
  2. Communicate with professors more, not less.
  3. Log on more frequently. Check your emails and canvas more often. Not all courses will be on Zoom.
  4. Set a schedule, use a study calendar and stick to a routine.
  5. Check the Keep Learning website.


HSU Coordinator of Student Services for the financial aid office Morgan McBroom provided financial advice to students. McBroom suggested students in a crisis contact the financial aid office.

For students who are hard-pressed for money, there is a student emergency loan that ranges from $500 to $1000. It is a short-term loan and can come within a few days. Financial services will work to help students pay it back. Students who have not used all of their student loans from the previous semester may also still have access to them.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, students’ loan interests are being waived, but the estimated date that it will stop is in June. As of now, the end date hasn’t been established. If you are an HSU graduate, you can have your loans waived for a year with no interest.

Contact: or (707) 826-4321.


In addition to her advice on financial matters, McBroom also provided housing advice. There is emergency housing available on campus. The off-campus liaison is a resource if you’re struggling with rent.



1. The recreation room on the first floor of the Jolly Giant Commons offers pre-made bags with food items. This happens twice a week on Wednesday from 10 a.m. until 12 p.m. and Thursday from 1 to 3 p.m. Vegan and vegetarian meal bags are also available.

If you cannot make those times due to isolation or quarantine, contact and she can set up a delivery time.

2. Oh SNAP! can also help you load your student ID card with J points. You need to express a financial need for food support. If you have over $40 in J points, you need to wait until your card is under $40. You can receive $60 every four weeks, but this is subject to change. If there is an increase of funds there could be an increase in the amount given to students. You can also donate your J points to help students in need.


3. For extra help, try applying for CalFresh, a state-funded program to help pay for food. Students not working 20 hours a week can apply for CalFresh, except for students in the Educational Opportunity Program program, students with specialized grants and work-study students. You can qualify for up to $200 a month for groceries.

Contact if you need help with the application process or would like to see if you qualify.


Mira B. Friedman is the lead for health education and clinic support services. She provided information about counseling for students.

HSU Counseling and Psychological Services is offering virtual appointments.

Students can call (707) 826-3236 to make an appointment. There’s also a 24/7 hotline for immediate crisis outreach for students to speak with a therapist by phone at (707) 826-3236.

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