O3 Greedo "Netflix and Deal" album cover.

03 Greedo Releases Second Album From Prison

The incarcerated Los Angeles rapper releases a full length studio album produced by Kenny Beats.

The incarcerated Los Angeles rapper releases a full-length studio album produced by Kenny Beats

Jason Jamal Jackson, better known as 03 Greedo, turned himself in to the police in June of 2018.

Greedo is serving a 20-year sentence on the charges of drug trafficking and possession of a firearm. The 32-year-old, south Los Angeles rapper is spending his sentence at a detention center in Amarillo, TX, but continues to release new music, including three projects this year.

His newest project, “Netflix and Deal” released on Nov. 22, is produced by one of the largest producers in hip-hop, Kenny Beats.

Greedo has been creating music since 2010, but didn’t rise to prominence until the release of his Purple Summer series and “The Wolf of Grape Street” mixtape. Both garnered enough attention for him to sign a deal with Alamo Records.

Greedo initially fought the numerous charges against him, ultimately landing him with a life sentence in prison, which was later reduced to 20 years.

Knowing he planned to eventually turn himself in, Greedo built up a vault of his music before the time of his imprisonment. Around 30 albums worth of material will be distributed over the length of his sentence. He has kept that promise since, releasing an album with producer Mustard called “Still Summer in the Projects” and an EP with Travis Barker called “Meet the Drummers.”

The overall presentation and production of “Netflix and Deal” laments Greedo as a versatile, ambitious musician who produces a lasting sound.

“Netflix and Deal” revolves around the eight month period that Kenny Beats and 03 Greedo knew each other before Greedo’s incarceration. Kenny Beats still sits on nearly 80 songs from the both of them.

This album carefully selected mixes from the large amount of songs and all happen to revolve around the idea of Greedo reflecting on his life through movies he loves. Following the theme, he interweaves iconic movie references into true depictions of his life makes for an excellent album. He references the movies “Blow,” “Honey I Shrunk the Kids,” “Avatar,” and there’s even a whole song dedicated to Brad Pitt references.

Even better, Greedo doesn’t disappoint in delivering his signature flows and styles on every song. The beats on this album don’t follow similar sounds, 03 Greedo becomes a part of each beat and is able to turn it into something that sounds perfect for him even if it isn’t a beat he would normally be associated with.

If you’re a fan of Greedo, you will love everything about this album. And if you don’t know him, his combined elements of California rapping flows and creeping R&B trap singing offer a lot to like.

Greedo defies genres, taking a large assortment of different beats and making them sound authentic to him through his versatile use of rapping and singing. With Greedo and the high caliber rappers like Buddy, Maxo Kream, Vince Staples and Freddie Gibbs featured on the album, 03 Greedo’s newest album is more than a solid project.

You can listen to “Netflix and Deal” and 03 Greedo’s other albums on Apple Music or Spotify.

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