Left to right: Jake Hanson and former high school teammate Tyson Miller. | Photo courtesy of Tyson Miller

Determined and Dedicated: Eureka Local Paves the Way to the NFL

NFL Green Bay Packers pick up Eureka standout in the 2020 Draft

NFL Green Bay Packers pick up Eureka standout in the 2020 Draft

You’re watching the 2020 NFL Draft. It’s the sixth round and the Green Bay Packers are on their 29th pick. The Packers are about to make a life altering call to a player who will soon have the chance of playing alongside the quarterback legend, Aaron Rodgers. A familiar Humboldt County name flashes across the screen. Former local Eureka high school alumnus and University of Oregon center, Jake Hanson has just been drafted as the 208th overall pick for the Green Bay Packers for this upcoming 2020-21 season.

A key component of Hanson’s journey began when he signed to play for the Oregon Ducks in 2015. During his four seasons playing with the Ducks, Hanson started almost every game. During his first three seasons, Hanson didn’t allow a single sack with a total of 2,738 snaps. The starting center received a total of two honorable AP second team Pac-12 All Conference recognitions.

Tyson Miller is a local MMA pro fighter, former high school teammate and good friend of Hanson’s. Miller and Hanson initially met in kindergarten but it wasn’t until the two went to a football camp together their freshman year when they really hit it off and started hanging out. Miller sees what many fans have noticed on social media since the draft. Hanson comes in at almost 6’5”, 303 lbs, his size works to his advantage.

“First of all, his size,” Miller said, “He was bigger than most of the other lineman on the field.”

Size is not the only key feature that stands out about Hanson. Miller points to Hanson’s effort on the field as a big upside.

“He’s going to be a professional football player.”

Tyson Miller

“Jake is going to give it 100%,” Miller said. “If somebody demanded more than 100%, he was more than willing to give more than 100% right back.”

The dedication and game mentality that Hanson possesses is one that is truly admired by not only Miller, but by others as well. The ability to turn up the heat in a game is sets athletes apart from one another.

“[He is] going to be a professional athlete,” Miller said, “He’s going to be a professional football player.”

Hanson is going to be a memorable name within the community and make an unforgettable mark for the Packer Nation.

In an article by Forbes, Packers General Manager Brian Gutekunst pointed out Hanson’s work ethic and personality as a positive for the teams newly acquired offensive lineman.

“Just really a model of consistency and another culture guy,” Gutekunst said. “The kind of guys that we like to bring into our offensive line room.”

While the Packers have their seven year veteran center Corey Linsley under contract for another year, there is no doubt that Hanson will be Linsley’s backup for this upcoming season. Hanson is going to be a great asset to the Packers. His strength, size and quick feet will play a pivotal role in his movement of helping block the defensive line. I am predicting that with time, after the team continues to work with him and his snap consistency, he will be their starting man.

If you’re looking to watch some football and don’t know what to do without Humboldt State’s football program but still want that local spin, be sure to tune into some of the Green Bay Packers match ups. Remember to look for #67 on the field.

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