HSU softball players Anna Brondos, Katelyn Dendas and Morgan Brant wearing Evelyn Andrews' memorial jerseys. | Photo provided by source

HSU Softball remembers Evelyn Andrews

Coach Sarchett and players reflect on their most memorable memories with Evelyn Andrews

Coach Sarchett and players reflect on their most memorable memories with Evelyn Andrews

Evelyn Andrews, a softball player at Humboldt State University that no one will ever forget. Evelyn Andrews loved playing the sport since high school and once Andrews came to HSU she was among the redwoods that surround HSU’s softball field. It has been 10 months since the passing of Evelyn Andrews which wasn’t her losing her battle with cancer. It was due to a clotting complication that is common to Acute Myelogenous Leukemia patients.

Andrews Coach Sarchett decided that this year was appropriate for Morgan Brant to wear her number in honor of her. “Morgan and Evelyn Andrews were the best of friends and Morgan wanted to honor her this way” said Coach Sarchett. Isabel Starr, a softball player at HSU explaining how she couldn’t see anyone else representing Evelyn Andrews number on the field than Morgan Brant. Morgan Brant, Softball player at HSU decirbies how she felt honored to be wearing Evelyn’s number. “She was the hardest worker I have ever met and always made a huge impact whenever she stepped on the field. I hope to make her proud and emulate the same energy she had” said Brant.

“Evelyn Andrews was a hardworking and ambitious person. She laid everything out on the field. She dove for every ball in the hole, swung hard at every pitch she went for, and overall, played with a purpose” said Starr. Starr talks about how Evelyn was a selfless teammate and did anything in her power to help the team overcome any obstacle they faced together. Starr says “Morgan plays with a purpose, just like Evelyn. To me, Morgan is a selfless teammate, doing whatever is asked of her and does whatever it takes to help us succeed as a team.” Starr talks about how the number 21 isn’t just any regular number not at least to Humboldt States Softball team “There isn’t a better person to be wearing that number on our field and any other field we play on.”

Coach Sarchett talks about Evelyn Andrews work ethic as a softball player “Evelyn Adrews work ethic is what stands out the most. It was second to none” said Coach Sarchett. She is now starting to base off on a majority of her recruiting on the type of person Evelyn Andrews was. “I want players that are going to come and work hard everyday, selflessly putting the team ahead of themselves and that is what Evelyn did everyday” , said Coach Scarchett. Brant talks about how Evelyn has impacted her both on and off the field, Brant says, “As a player, she taught me the importance of always being the loudest in the field and the best teammate you could have. Her “Don’t Suck” motto has stuck with my team and I and drives us to be the best person we can be.” Evelyn taught Brant how to see the good in people and taught her that laughter is the best medicine and positivity is the most important thing. “She taught me how to fight and be strong through anything I face in life” says Brant.

“Evelyn Andrews was one of the most amazing people you’d ever meet. Although there are many people within this world that are amazing, she was one who stood out among everyone else. She was kind, caring and a bit of a butt sometimes.She was one who took advantage of every single opportunity that was thrown her way. Whether it was extra time on the softball field or just being with friends and taking advantage of the happy moments. She was also someone who gave you an extra push when you needed it.”

Starr talks about the biggest lesson she learned for Evelyn was how to no suck, she learned instead of being regretful of decisions we make, we need to make the most of it. Starr says” The most important lesson Evelyn taught her was not to suck. This was the motto she constantly said that will forever be stuck in my brain. The term “Don’t Suck” applied to everything. Dont suck at softball, and don’t suck at being a decent human. I learned how to love and care for others. I learned that no matter how upset I am, dot shut those who love you out.” Starr talks about how she hasn’t stopped implementing “Don’t suck” into her life now and she doesn’t plan on stopping. Starr says, “To this day I wish I could thank her, face to face. For teaching me subtle, yet valuable lessons.”

“I think we have learned to enjoy every moment we have and know that it can be taken away any second. So we are all going to go out and live our lives to the fullest” says Coach Sarchett.

Brant’s best memory of Evelyn was their Sunday movie days they had, “She would always make chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and we would spend the day watching movies of friends of each other. Usually accompanied by sushi or Toni’s.” Coach Sarchett’s best memory of Evelyn was her smile, “She could change the mood of a room in seconds with her positive and contagious smile.” Starr talks about one of her best moments that she had of Evelyn, Starr was taking her first footsteps on campus and was having a hard time finding her groove and fitting in. “I was trying really hard not to be me, unfortunately. I was trying not to talk too much or too loud. I was just having a hard time figuring out what the vibe was on the team since it was the first time I had ever met any of the girls.” Starr talks about how they were going over simple team things, such as jersey numbers, sizes, and the handbook. As soon as the meeting with the team finished Evelyn and Morgan pulled her to the side and asked Starr how she was doing and Starr told them she was having a hard time to fit in. Evelyn had invited her over for mac and cheese with Morgan, Starr agreed. “That night we talked a lot and ate a lot…all three of us talking about anything and everything there was to talk about. They warned me about morning running and they warned me to never be late to anything I could help it. They made me feel at home. The overall experience with Evelyn and Morgan was comforting. I wasn’t as sad as I was to be away from my family at that moment because I had found mine. I found my Humboldt Sisters that I could forever rely on. Just the simplest memories I have of her are my favorite and they are memories I don’t think I could ever forget.”

Ev 2, Cancer 0.

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