Kiya Guire, #21 for women's lacrosse, gets ready to make a shot. | Photo by Thomas Lal
Kiya Guire, #21 for women's lacrosse, gets ready to make a shot. | Photo by Thomas Lal

Women’s lacrosse drops their competitive season


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Greta Roberts, president and player of Humboldt State University’s women’s lacrosse team, made the decision with her coach and teammates to cancel the upcoming spring season. The team decided that not being able to recruit in the fall would be an issue for spring and it was best to drop the season.

“We do most of our recruiting at the beginning of each semester and with everything being online, this was not a viable option,” Roberts said. “Most people coming to our team having never played lacrosse and our first semester is really about teaching and connecting.”

Another reason factoring into canceling season was player safety. Roberts and her coaches would not be able to get new players on track and able to play the game safely.

“The decision to suspend our season this year was based on the safety and sustainability of our team,” Roberts said. “Since we are not permitted to have any physical practices, it is impossible to teach the game correctly. At the end of last spring, almost half of our team graduated and by the beginning of this fall, almost all of our players have moved out of Humboldt County.”

Kiya Guire, a member of the women’s Lacrosse team, felt the decision was very difficult to make because the team is so close.

“As a student athlete, this decision was a hard one to make because we love our sport and we love our team who has become our family,” Guire said. “But with the current situation, we wanted to do what we thought was right for our team.”

Jacob Hluboky, head coach of the men’s lacrosse team, has not made the final decision to cancel the 2021 season, but believes the decision will be made very soon.

“With this whole COVID-19 situation it has become hard to recruit for this season,” Hluboky said. “Retaining players has also been a major factor as many are not up here right now. It is understandable and we just need to go full boar on recruiting for the next season so we have a solid team to put on the field.”

Hluboky has declared that even if the team does not have a season, he and his coaching staff are going all in on recruiting for the 2022 MCLA Divison II season.

“We have a network of scouting in about 15 states,” Hluboky said. “My assistant coaches and I are looking for the players we want and need. We are going to put all our effort into recruiting these areas and bringing talent onto this team.”

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