Row of taps at Eel River Brewing Co. in Fortuna on Jan. 28. | Photo by Alberto Muro
Row of taps at Eel River Brewing Co. in Fortuna on Jan. 28. | Photo by Alberto Muro

Hoppin’ Around Humboldt

Multiple stops for Humboldt hops

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Multiple stops for Humboldt hops

Craft beer breweries around Humboldt County are on the rise, offering a variety of flavors and experiences from their establishments.

Here is a brief rundown of the up-and-coming Humboldt Breweries:

Lost Coast Brewery – Throughout the state, Lost Coast Brewery’s products are on shelves or tapped into kegs at other breweries. Kinetic artist Duane Flatmo is the mastermind behind the unique designs on most of the Lost Coast beverage containers. Flatmo transformed one of his popular works of art, “The Great White,” into a statue which can be seen hanging out and greeting people at the main brewery in Eureka.

Six Rivers Brewery – Their slogan, “the brew with the view,” speaks volumes to the brewery that sits atop a hill overlooking farmlands and the ocean. Founded in 2008, Talia Machshon Clare and Meredith Maier are leading the operations in what is considered California’s second all-woman-owned brewery. You can catch them and their vibrant attitudes informing the public about their daily deals and upcoming events.

Mad River Brewery – Tucked away in scenic Blue Lake, Mad River Brewery welcomes all walks of life. On the weekends, the brewery is a popular spot and seating is packed. Parking is a challenge unless you’re a cyclist—many of whom cruise through the area. Mad River Brewery and Eel River Brewing Co. have unique outdoor corridors to enjoy beverages under the Humboldt sky.

Redwood Curtain Brewery – Redwood Curtain Brewery has two locations in Humboldt. Their first location resides in Arcata, and their second location opened up during the fall of 2018 in Myrtletown. Redwood Curtain has gained a reputation for providing new beverages weekly and challenging patrons to games of shuffleboard.

They may not have a kitchen, but they have partnered with LoCo Fish Co. to offer plenty of delicious options to pair with your beverage of choice. While their beverages are found only at brewery sites, anyone with a compatible glass growler can take a glass of Redwood Curtain home. They also press a 32-ounce can for convenient enjoyment.

Eel River Brewing Co. – Eel River Brewing Company throws upcoming beverage releases a week of dedicated events and specials. Located in Fortuna, this brewery was first to introduce Humboldt’s organic beer. During the summer of 2019, Arcata Main Street announced they would not allow the distribution of local craft beers for their annual Oyster Fest. Eel River Brewery partnered up with other Humboldt breweries and threw their own oyster festival. This not only gained support from the community, but drew such a massive crowd that the festival will be thrown again. Eel River Brewing Co. proves that servicing the community is a main priority for craft beer lovers.

At all of these breweries, charity events known as pints for nonprofits are a weekly occurrence that work with local organizations to raise money for their cause. Pub crawls are usually the talk of the town when it comes to bringing people together to raise money, and when it comes to pints for nonprofit you get to communicate directly with the organization.

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