President-Elect Trump’s appointees


As President-elect Donald Trump prepares to be sworn into office as the president of the United States, he nominates candidates for his cabinet. 

The president’s cabinet consists of the vice president and the heads of 15 executive departments that include the Departments of State, treasury, defense, justice, interior, agriculture, commerce, labor, health and human services, housing and urban development, transportation, energy, education, Veterans Affairs and Homeland Security. 

Donald Trump nominated the following for positions in his cabinet. 

Secretary of State: Rex W. Tillerson

Tillerson is a businessman and the former chief executive of Exxon Mobil. Trump said he likes Tillerson because of his business success and his history of making deals with foreign governments. 

Secretary of Treasury: Steven Mnuchin

Mnuchin was a former Goldman Sachs executive. Mnuchin would be in charge of government borrowing in financial market. 

Secretary of Defense: James N. Mattis

Mattis is a retired U.S. Marine Corp general and served as the 11th commander of the U.S. Central Command. His job as secretary of defense would be to shape the fight against the Islamic State. 

Secretary of Justice/ Attorney General: Jeff Sessions

Sessions represents Alabama in the U.S. Senate since 1997. Sessions would oversee enforcing the laws of the U.S. federal government and ensures public safety against foreign and domestic threats, including terrorism and preventing crimes.

Secretary of Interior: Ryan Zinke

Zinke is a congressman and represents Montana in the U.S. House and is a 23-year U.S. Navy Seal veteran. Zinke is to oversee rules that stop public land development and curb the exploration of oil, coal and gas, while also promoting wind and solar power on public lands. 

Secretary of Agriculture: has yet to be chosen. 

The Secretary of Agriculture would oversee the American farming industry. Their duties range from helping farmers with price support subsidies, to inspecting food to ensure safety of the American people. 

Secretary of Commerce: Wilbur Ross 

Ross is an investor with wealth estimated to be $2.9 million. Ross would oversee businesses, universities, communities and the nation’s workers to promote job creation, economic growth, sustainable development and improved standards of living for Americans. 

Secretary of Labor: Andrew F. Puzder. 

Puzder is the chief executive of CKE Restaurants, the parent company of Carl’s Jr. Puzder would oversee laws involving unions, the workplace and all other issues involving any form of business-person controversies. 

Secretary of Health and Human Services: Tom Price

Price is a republican representative from Georgia and an orthopedic surgeon. Price would oversee the health of all Americans and provide essential human services, especially to those who are least able to help themselves. 

Secretary of Housing and Urban development: Ben Carson

Carson is a former neurosurgeon. Carson would oversee fair housing laws, development for affordable housing and access to mortgage insurance.

Secretary of Transportation: Elaine L. Chao

Chao is a former labor secretary under George W. Bush’s presidency. Chao would oversee the president-elect’s campaign pledge to increase funding to rebuild America’s transportation infrastructure. 

Secretary of Energy: Rick Perry 

Perry is a former governor of Texas. Perry would be responsible for protecting and managing the nation’s arsenal of nuclear weapons. 

Secretary of Education: Betsy DeVos 

DeVos is a former chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party and an activist for school choice. DeVos would oversee the education department that establishes policy for administers and coordinates most federal assistance to education. 

Secretary of Veterans Affair: David J. Shulkin 

Shulkin is a former president and CEO of the Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City and is currently the secretary of health and human services. Shulkin will oversee the military veteran benefit system. 

Secretary of Homeland Security: John F. Kelly 

Kelly is a retired four star marine general and the former head of U.S. Southern Command. Kelly would be responsible for ensuring safety and security of the United States from terrorist attacks and other disasters.

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