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Justice isn’t complete with Nassar

The Michigan State University board of trustees must follow suit of the USA Gymnastics Board and all resign.

Investigations into how Larry Nassar was allowed to prey on women at MSU for so long are being discussed.

In an epic and strong gesture of disregard for a sexual predator, the nation watched as Judge Rosemarie Aquilina looked Nassar in the eyes and tossed his letter to the side.

“And I want you to know, as much as it was my honor and privilege to hear the survivors, it is my honor and privilege to sentence you,” Aquilina said to Nassar at his hearing on Jan. 24.

However, Nassar is not the only perpetrator in this disgusting story.

Not soon after Nassar’s sentencing, MSU President Lou Anna Simon resigned. In her resignation letter on MSU’s website, she addresses the public’s need to find blame and knew the public would come for her. Though this is a small step, it is not enough.

In the hours following Simon’s resignation, U.S. senator from Michigan, Gary Peters, released a press release calling on Congress to start a formal investigation into MSU. On a state level, an investigation has begun. Bill Schuette is the attorney general for Michigan. In the NPR article, Schuette promised no individual at MSU is “off-limits.”

According to an NPR article discussing a MSU investigation, two days after Simon’s resignation, “the school’s athletic director announced his retirement. That same day, the entire board of USA Gymnastics said they too would resign.”

It should not matter if the board was not aware of his sexual harassment beforehand. Those responsible for running the college allowed this man to traumatize women for so long. The school’s Title IX complaint processes and procedures need to be re-evaluated. Those responsible for allowing this predator to exist and prey for so long should be weeded out from the school system, and Schuette must not stop until every one of those weeds are pulled.

Without further action against the school and those responsible, absolute justice for these 160 or more women is not fulfilled. Having full justice should come in two parts: lock up the predator and then go after his accessories to the crime.

MSU has done their students a great disservice and should be made an example of. There are likely students at other colleges suffering from rape culture that promotes silence and fear. An example should be made of MSU so other colleges follow suit in fixing a system that favors the predator and not the victim.

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