Lucky the Lumberjack hyped up the crowd before the Jacks' Homecoming Game on Oct. 6. | Photo by Nick Kemper

Spirits rising for HSU students

AS throws Spirit Week for HSU students

Associated Students throws Spirit Week for Humboldt State

As a school that seeks to improve the human condition and the environment, there are many things this university does that proudly sets HSU apart from other universities.

Spirit week, hosted by Associated Students, allowed many students to proudly celebrate being a Lumberjack.

School spirit is important in many different ways for students. Others think it is simply a week of fun and games on campus, while others, like business major Blake Fulgham, think it could have a lasting effect on the school.

“Emphasizing school spirit is important to draw potential future students to come up here, and show why we care about the school,” said Fulgham.

Attending college has a lasting effect on young adults. Most students graduate and transition into the career world, which starts a new chapter in their life. Though the college experience ends, memories seem to stick with graduates for a lifetime.

Spirit Week was a week for some students to reflect on why they enjoy attending this university. Being a place of inclusion, diversity and equality, Humboldt State has made thousands of students over the years feel at home.

“Humboldt State University is not so big in the sense that we can’t build personal connections with our professors,” said Business Administration major Zach McCormick. “Unlike at other big schools like San Jose State that have 30,000 plus students.”

As a smaller university, HSU allows students to feel more present as they participate in events, clubs, and even in class. For this reason, students may get a sense of inclusiveness as their voices will be heard compared to those that might be attending a larger university.

The themed days that Associated Students planned included Pajama Monday, Tie-dye Tuesday, Crazy Sock Wednesday, Meme Day Thursday, and Green and Gold Friday.

Psychology major Devon Taylor appreciates his fellow students showing love for HSU.

“It brings students together,” Taylor said. “Expressing different things as simple as dressing up.”

Celebrating school pride continued over the weekend for the Jacks homecoming game against Simon Fraser. Multiple tailgates were hosted on campus leading up to the last ever Humboldt State Homecoming football game.

The Jacks got their first victory of the season and took down Simon Fraser 23-16. Through bittersweet moments, thousands of fans anticipate supporting their football team until the very end of the season and HSU football career.

Whether it’s a big rowdy pep rally or something as simple as silly socks, HSU students express their love for the university during Spirit Week.


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