Bacon cheese burger from the restaurant Stars in Arcata. Photo credit: Bailey Tennery

Top 5 Hangover Remedies

Suffered a hangover? Are you looking for a quick solution to feel better? We've got the answers. Here are the top five quick fixes for hangovers.

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Are you looking for a quick solution to feel better? Here are the top five quick fixes for hangovers

The day after a night of drinking…your head spins, the room spins, and the toilet becomes your comrade. On days like these, it’s useful to have a remedy to help battle that stinking hangover and to shorten the time where your body becomes sluggish. Below are some handy remedies to tackle pesky hangovers given by bartenders and a liquor store owner.


Yerba Mate , Advil , and coconut water set on a terrace in McKinleyville. Photo credit: Bailey Tennery

Owner of Arcata Liquors Jeff Nagan’s hangover remedy is Advil, coconut water, and yerba mate.

“Advil helps with headaches,” Nagan said. “Coconut water helps with electrolytes, and yerba mate, well that gets you back into the game.”

Electrolytes from coconut water helps to replace the salt and potassium that you lose when drinking alcohol.


Bacon cheese burger from the restaurant Stars in Arcata. Photo credit: Bailey Tennery

Darren Sumption, a bartender at the Alibi, says greasy food and gatorade helps a hangover.

“Gatorade and greasy food. If your stomach can’t handle greasy food then you’re on your own,” Sumption said.


Can of Bloody Mary in the Hutch liquor store in Arcata.

Owner of Central Station Mary Acres’ hangover remedy is a good old fashion Bloody Mary.

“A good Bloody Mary helps because the tomato juice and veggies help hydrate you,” Acres said. “A Bloody Mary gets rid of all the sugar you’ve been pumping into you the night before.”








Jagermeister logo on a fridge behind the counter at Hutch in Arcata. Photo credit: Bailey Tennery

Bartender at Toby and Jacks Val Graham’s hangover cure is Jägermeister.

“The sugar and alcohol, from Jägermeister gets back into your system and fools the body and your brain. Never been one for a Bloody Mary.”



Bugs Bunny sitting at a bar drinking a glass of carrot juice .
Image credit: tumblr

Sidelines bartender for nine years, Kelly Ridgway, hangover remedy is hair of the dog.

“Hair of the dog, drinking whatever you were drinking the night before,” Ridgway said.

The phrase “hair of the dog” means that whatever troubles you, you should have more of. So, if vodka troubles you when you wake up, you should have more vodka.

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