Kameron Lopez, a HSU student, majoring in English, showing the dating apps he uses. | Photo by Delaney Duarte

The lies behind online dating

HSU students reveal their experiences on dating apps

HSU students reveal their experiences on dating apps

A variety of Humboldt State students are registered on dating apps. Normally people who are on dating apps are single. Some residents who are within the radius of Humboldt County are actually on dating apps while simultaneously married. The most common dating apps students use are Bumble, Grindr and especially Tinder.

Second year Psychology major Andrea Wilson used the dating app Bumble, which she said she regretted using instantly after a situation she encountered.

“He was this perfect guy, he had literally everything I have ever wanted,” Wilson said. “When we first met, it was a chill first date, he was such a gentleman. I don’t think I have ever remembered the last time I was treated that well.”

Andrea Wilson, an HSU student, majoring in psychology, looking at her options. | Photo by Delaney Duarte

Wilson hoped she would find “the one” going on dates with the guys she matches with on these dating apps.

“It turns out he just forgot to take off his ring before going on this one date.”

Andrea Wilson

“I went on a fifth date with this guy, and as we were eating, I noticed he had a ring on his finger…specifically on his left-hand ring finger,” Wilson said. “I asked him about it, and of course they try justifying it. It turns out he just forgot to take off his ring before going on this one date.”

Wilson isn’t alone in her experience. There are other students who have encountered this kind of situation. Maritza Herrera, a second year HSU student, uses Tinder as her to-go dating app to find the “perfect someone.”

“I have encountered multiple times where I have seen people on Tinder just straight up put in their bio that they are married,” Herrera said.

Martiza Herrera, an HSU student, majoring in psychology, swiping left and right on her phone. | Photo by Delaney Duarte

Herrera appreciates that some men do that, so they don’t waste her time. She just doesn’t understand why people get married in the first place if they aren’t going to commit to that one person.

“I was about to go on a date with a guy and for my safety, I always let my friends know who it is and what they look like before getting in a car of a stranger,” Herrera said. “Turns out, one of my friends had already went on a date with the same guy and she found out he was married. I have never unmatched with someone so quickly.”

“After that night, I had blocked him off of everything and found his wife on Facebook to tell her what had happened…”

Kameron Lopez

Many people on dating apps lie or just over-exaggerate about themselves. Whether it be their age, being single or in general what type of person they might be. HSU English major Kameron Lopez uses the dating app Grindr to find people his age to date or to even be friends with.

“It is very limited for the LGBTQ community to find people that they can date and build connections with, since it is basically just the HSU students in the community and older men in the Humboldt county area,” Lopez said.

Kameron Lopez, an HSU student, majoring in English, on his phone. | Photo by Delaney Duarte

Lopez tries to find guys that don’t have the mindset of just wanting to hook up.

“I got this message from a random guy and his age had said 24,” Lopez said. “So I decided to meet up with him because 24 is honestly the oldest I would go to dating a guy. I never would have gone if I knew all the lies he was hiding from me.”

Lopez wants people on dating apps to just tell the truth. There is no reason to go on these apps if you’re going to act like someone you aren’t.

“It turns out this guy was 40 years old, married and had three kids with his wife,” Lopez said. “After that night, I had blocked him off of everything and found his wife on Facebook to tell her what had happened that night.”

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