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Choose Your Fighter: Netflix vs Hulu

HSU students determine their favorite streaming service

The year long, ongoing global pandemic has led many college students to find themselves spending their free time at home on streaming services.

Two of the most popular, Netflix and Hulu both have positives and negatives that appeal to a variety of people. But their appeal can become expensive especially for college students.

Netflix offers three different plans with monthly payments: Basic for $5.99, Standard for $13.99 and Premium for $17.99. Prices differ based on the number of people on each account simultaneously.

Hulu offers four different subscription monthly plans, one starting at $5.99, a no ad option for $11.99, a live TV option for $64.99 and a live TV option that includes no ads for $70.00.

Despite the similarities, HSU students have strong opinions about which one they prefer.

Abby Miller is a senior and kinesiology pre-pt major who doesn’t pay for cable, which makes paying $16.99 per month for Netflix well worth it for her.

“I like Netflix more mainly because of the content that they have and what I currently have right now,” Miller said.

Miller loves finding new shows and movies to watch but also loves watching classic Adam Sandler movies.

“Netflix has no ads and there are a lot of shows to watch,” Miller said. “However, I was bummed when they took “The Office” and “Parks and Recreation” off. I have had time to explore other shows like “New Girl” and “Bridgerton,” and I always love classic movies.”

Jordan Howery is a junior majoring in zoology. She has a strong opinion that Hulu is much better than Netflix all around. Even though Hulu has ads, she sees past that and admires the content it gives her.

“My favorite thing about Hulu is the better variety of movies and shows to watch,” Howery said.

Many college students share their accounts with their friends in order to save money, which is what Howery does. She enjoys watching crime and mystery especially “Bones” and “Sons of Anarchy” which are both, unsurprisingly, available on Hulu.

“I’m a person who tries out a little bit of everything when it comes to movies and shows,” Howery said.

Netflix has one thing that Hulu does not: no ads. Not having to watch commercials is one of the biggest advantages that Netflix has.

Macy Thomas is a junior and a business venture management major with a minor in health education.

“Oddly, I resort to Netflix more, but not because I necessarily like it more, it’s honestly just my go to,” Thomas said. “It definitely gets a point for no ads/commercials. My Hulu subscription is the basic one and the ads get super old.”

Being a college student with a limited budget, streaming services are often difficult to afford.

“Right now I am still freeloading off my parents’ Netflix subscription but I know it’s getting upwards of $18+ a month,” Thomas said. “I’d say it is worth it, but when you remember the days it was $10 a month, it kind of sucks.”

Along with Hulu, Netflix continues to raise their prices each year, but with the continued effects of the pandemic, streaming services still continue to gain popularity with all ages.

“Netflix is way more user friendly and better designed than Hulu,” Thomas said. “I rely on Netflix to rewatch the show “Grace and Frankie.” I absolutely love this show and it’s one I can sit and watch to enjoy or have it on in the background and still be productive.”

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