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HSU Student Health Center now offering vaccinations

Humboldt County Public Health is allowing doses to any Humboldt County resident, 16 and older

Humboldt State is continuing to offer students and faculty vaccinations.

In the past week, the university has received 504 doses of vaccines, including the first dose of Pfizer and second dose of Moderna.

According to Public Information Officer Grant Scott-Goforth, the university expects to receive mostly second doses after this week.

“The requirements for receiving vaccines is changing and vaccines will be allotted from the State of California through a third party administrator, Blue Shield,” Scott-Goforth said.

HSU has given out 1,950 vaccine doses so far and continues to encourage everyone to receive their dose as long as they are eligible.

Michele Stephens is the Humboldt County Public Health Director.

“We are so thankful to those members of our community who waited for their turn, and now it’s here,” Stephens said. “We encourage everyone to get vaccinated as soon as possible, so we can all spend time with friends and loved ones safely and protect those under 16 who can’t yet get vaccinated.”

Currently, HSU is offering a limited amount of vaccinations to students who are immunocompromised.

Humboldt County Public Health has opened eligibility for vaccines to any resident 16 and older. Students interested in a vaccine should sign up using the MyTurn system set up by the state of California.

Find more detailed information on the HSU website.

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