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The Best Restaurants in Arcata Under $10

Skip the fast food and check out one of these local gems if you want high-quality food for cheap.

Japhy’s Soup and Noodles located on 1563 G Street right outside of campus, Japhy’s has a cozy atmosphere and open indoor dining. They have a tasty selection of soup and noodles prepared with locally sourced ingredients. Boasting a fairly priced menu with several options available for vegetarians, Japhy’s is an excellent option for any college student looking for a healthy meal. Their Thai-style curry in particular is as delicious as it is affordable, priced at an affordable $5.75 for a cup or $8.75 for a bowl.

Roman’s Kitchen is a food truck located only a few hundred yards off-campus on 1301 D Street. Anyone looking for a hearty American meal will be satisfied with the excellent hamburgers and sandwiches served here. Roman’s greatest strength is its robust selection of different types of burgers and sandwiches. With seventeen different burgers and 18 different sandwiches, there is always something new to try. The guacamole burger, priced at $9.60, is a standout for anyone with an avocado craving. They also have a fantastic fried mushroom plate for the same price of $9.60. If you’re willing to wait outside for 15 minutes or so, Roman’s is a great option located conveniently close to campus.

Sushi Spot is on 670 9th St. right outside of the Arcata Plaza. Both indoor seating and takeout are currently available. They have a wide selection of affordable sushi and a myriad of other Japanese dishes. Sushi Spot distinguishes itself from many other sushi restaurants by having a sizable vegetarian sushi selection, all of which is priced under $10. One of their most unique items is the Sushi Monsters collection which is all deep-fried sushi plates. The crunchy salmon roll has avocado, cream cheese, and salmon with a chili garlic sauce, and comes out to a reasonable $8.95.

Don’s Donuts and Pizza is located in the Arcata Plaza. Unsurprisingly, they are best known for their pizza and donuts. However, they have fantastic and affordable lesser-known meal options. Their pizza bagel is only $4.99 and it is a perfect lunch option. It comes with pizza sauce, cheese, and oregano, and you can choose one extra topping or add a dollar for two toppings. They also have personalized sandwiches for $6.50.

Tacos La Bonita is a taco truck on 1499 Spear Avenue. Featuring some of the best Mexican food in town, La Bonita’s has the most options under $10 on this list. In fact, everything on the menu costs less than $10. You can get a burrito for $6.99, a chimichanga for $8.99, or one of their tacos for just $2.50. The chavindeca is especially delicious and comes in at only $5.99. Despite the affordable pricing, the quality of the food is on par with more expensive Mexican restaurants in town and tastes considerably better than Taco Bell ever will.

Eating out can be really expensive and for some new students, it can be tempting to seek out the more familiar fast-food restaurants. Despite Arcata’s small size, it hosts restaurants with food from all over the world. Skip out on fast food and try something new for a more nutritious and filling dining experience.

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