Goodbye writing proficiency exam

The Graduate Writing Proficiency Exam is no longer required for HSU graduation

On the afternoon of Friday, Oct. 8, students that registered for the Graduate Writing Proficiency Exam (GWPE) received a notification that this long standing graduation requirement was removed from Humboldt State.

Instituted in the 1970s, this 100-minute exam stood in the way of graduating seniors for the better half of the last century. This requirement was a way for California State University campuses to validate the writing aptitude of its students.

Before the announcement was made, students were obligated to register for the exam after completing 60 units and a general education written communication course. In making this decision, Humboldt State administration has signaled that the academic expectations it has for students have developed past the need for a short exam testing competency.

More information regarding the fees associated with the GWPE is set to be released next week, along with a formal announcement. Until then, students that were anticipating registering for the test can pocket the $32 registration fee. Those who paid already can expect to receive more information about their fees later this week.

With midterms quickly approaching and finals on the horizon, another check can be marked off the long to-do list for graduating seniors.

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