ROSE House evicted

House to be torn down for new housing

by Carols Pedraza

Editor’s note: In this article, Ella Moore was misquoted as saying the ROSE House needed to hire a moving company to move out over the summer. This was incorrect. A.S. requested the ROSE House hire staff to move out, not a moving company.

The Reusable Office Supply Exchange, currently located between the Campus Apartments and Bret Harte House, accepts donations of unused office supplies and provides resources for students in need of them. The house has been ordered to move with all of its materials to Nelson Hall in an unknown room. 

This order was sudden, Ella Moore, co-director of the ROSE House, said. 

“Last semester, right before the summer, they told us we would need to hire staff to move out over the summer. And just two days ago, we were told we needed to be out by September 1st,” Moore said.

While the Rose House is still accepting donations and is giving access to students, Moore continued to explain how the move will interrupt the program. 

“This is definitely going to interrupt our programs, take hours away from real work,” Moore said.

Some of the shelves in the ROSE House are empty now, but many of them are filled with supplies. Rows of manila folders and binders from small to large still hug the walls of the building. Textbooks and unused scantrons are found in the building.

“The Rose house means a lot to us,” ROSE House co-director Hannah Wholsanchez said. “It’s a nice place to hang out and create opportunities for students to live sustainability.”

Its door is remaining open to students who still come in periodically. Student Whitney Messer was visiting the House after viewing the prices at the Cal Poly Bookstore. 

“This totally saved my bacon. I’m on loans, no support from family.” Messer said. 

Messer gave a tour of the buildings and their supplies, expressing gratitude to the organizer. 

“Whoever started this, bless them,” Messer said.

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