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Artist Feature: Carolina Gonzalez

Life may seem black and white, but enter this creativity zone to be illuminated in fluorescent colors

Carolina Gonzalez, a marketing major at Humboldt State University, is a self-taught artist who dabbles in painting, drawing and jewelry making.

Gonzalez enjoys painting with acrylics and oils, drawing with paint pens and ink, as well as crafting unique earrings with charms and beads.

Some of Carolina Gonzalez’s work in her room/studio. | Photo by Chelsea Wood

She describes her art style as “daydream dripping” because many of her designs are colorfully psychedelic.

Her Latinx culture and Mexican background strongly influence her artwork. Natural elements influence her creativity and she credits moving to Northern California for sparking even more inspiration.

She’s always dreaming up new designs for earrings and paintings and often works up ideas for new artwork through sketches and graphic design.

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