Jacks on track

No Gods, no masters, only logs

by Eddie Carpenter

Cal Poly Humboldt hosted the annual Green and Gold track meet at the Redwood Bowl on Feb. 12. In the past, the Green and Gold has been an invitational meet open to alumni as well as all local athletes, but due to precautionary measures and local COVID-19 restrictions, only collegiate entries were permitted.

The event kicked off with the national anthem, and the Cal Poly Humboldt track and field athletes all joined at center field for an ecstatic cheer. It was a beautiful, sunny day with nothing but blue skies, perfect weather to run in.

Head track and field coach Sarah Ingram says a huge amount of effort went into preparing the Jacks for this event.

“We’ve been training since August… both on the track and in the weight room,” Ingram said. “It was a really fun atmosphere. The 400-meter log relay is not something we usually have, but it was a team bonding event.”

Women’s team captain Joy Hano is also proud of her team’s strategy for game day.

“We spent a lot of time visualizing and training. Mindful training is what we did the most,” Hano said. “I do the 100-meter hurdles, long jump, and today I did the 150 meter and the log relay. It felt great. There were a lot of nerves, but being here in front of our home crowd made it all worth it and made the nerves go away.”

College of the Redwoods coach Reed Elmore shared what it was like to see his former athletes compete at last weekend’s scrimmage.

“[As a coach], you don’t always get the best athletes. Our main goal is to get our athletes to work together as a team. We want them to compete with each other and not against each other,” Elmore said. “It’s exciting! We’re a developmental program. We take kids that need love and a little extra time. Humboldt does something different. We’ve been working with Sarah and Jamie to bridge that gap. [We make] sure everyone feels supported. We had a good performance, but our important races are at the end of the season.”

Junior thrower Savannah Henninger wrote down all the marks for the throwing events. She is one of those athletes who transitioned from a Corsair to a Lumberjack.

“It was definitely super weird. It’s not necessarily better or worse,” Henninger said. “It was a different atmosphere. Both Sarah and Reed are amazing advocates for their athletes, so that really helped a lot. I saw a lot of team support. Everybody was cheering their teammates on as best as they were able to, there was a lot of camaraderie going around.”

In the latter half of the scrimmage, many athletes participated in the 400-meter annual log relay. As the last athlete rounded the corner, a member of the crowd shouted out, “Better start running with a purpose!”

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